Who Does Rufus Sleep With on Gossip Girl?

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In the aftermath of Bart's shocking return on Gossip Girl, the impact on Chuck was so drastic that Rufus was almost lost in the shuffle. What's to come for him now that the guy effectively lost his wife?

According to reports, he's moving on - in surprising fashion.

Does this mean he and Lily are done for good? Considering who Rufus sleeps with, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says he'd "hold out little hope for a reunion ... granted, Lily is now with Bart but still."

Who do you think he's sleeping with, and will it be revealed to the rest of the Upper East Side? Will he and Lily reconcile later in Gossip Girl Season 6, ending the series on a high note?

Share your theories and comments with us below ...

Rufus at a Crossroads

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Vanessa would be fun and little J needs to make and appearance before it ends. Those two being GG would be epic.


well i am glad that they made not vanessa and rufus. i think ivy is better there. and i like ivy.^^


I always thought that of Rufus slept with anyone other than Lilly it would be Vanessa... They had good chemistry


lol and its rufus!! so it makes sense lol. poor guy has a midlive crisis.

Wheres waldorf

Ivy and Rufus is really crazy, but everyone has deep down wondered if one of the adults of this show would ever get with the younger crew. It makes perfect sense in Gossip Girl context.


but its ivy! read the callsheets lol..its ivy!


Is Carol in jail yet? If not, my money is on her.
Him sleeping with Ivy would be incredibly Icky!!!


my god guys, its ivy!!! they already confirmed it. and that would hurt lily so much. and that is the plan! but i hope that brings rufly back at end too.


Perhaps Poppy Lifton; we know she'll be back this season. I have high hopes that Carol will be out of jail by the beginning of the season, but there's no reason to expect her to appear. I hope it's not Ivy.


But nobody think that Rufus might have sex with Lily! No matter what is Lily married to Bart, we all know how Lily love Rufus! Their love has lasted for 20 years and is not the first time they sleep together though they are not in a relationship. Remember the end of season 1 and the wedding of Lily and Bart, the night before the wedding Lily slept with Rufus!

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