Alphas Review: First and Last

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At long last Dr. Rosen identified Stanton Parish’s mole in "Falling," but before jumping into that we have a lot of ground to cover as just about all Alphas had small little character moments tonight.

Kat On Assignment

Up first are Cameron and Dani. I’m still trying to figure out what the point was of their hookup, especially when we can count how many times we’ve witnessed them be a couple on one hand. Sure, she helped bridge the gap between Tyler and Cameron, but was their father-son relationship ever in danger to begin with? From all accounts, Cameron has tried to be the best parent he can be to Tyler for a while now.

Rachel and John are still couple that is easy to root for. The pacing feels organic and they each try to work on their problems to better the relationship. Those issues are not always worked out in one episode, and it’s not always both of them working on the same problem, but there is a true effort to try to work on things.

Rachel’s growing relationship with John is a very interesting dichotomy to me because in most relationships there’s an opening up of feelings and emotions and trying to build something for two rather than one - and while there’s still plenty of that for Rachel, at the same time she has to be, out of necessity, closed off.

So Rachel is trying to balance being open and closed, and at the same time she’s trying to progress a little more with John. Yet, if she brings him to meet her parents then she might begin to truly see her and John building a relationship together, and her cancellation makes it clear that she might not be quite ready to take that step. If she moves any quicker, things become very real for her, and that requires her to step out of being something she’s known for such a long time: closed off.

Which brings us to Dani and Rosen. No matter which way you slice it someone was going to end up losing. There were no outcomes that would benefit both sides. Dani was willing to spy on her own father for Stanton and Rosen somehow mustered up the resolve to turn his own daughter in. In some ways I could see Rosen’s reasoning for doing so. With Dani locked up she’s (hopefully) out of Stanton’s clutches rather than living life on the lam running from a multitude of people.

But perhaps the most gut-wrenching moment was when Dani decided she wanted to be chipped and live out the rest of her life in a Binghamton induced daze.

Nevertheless, my suspicions are still off the charts, and I’m wondering if all of this is just another part of Stanton’s greater goals.

Other thoughts:

  • Kat continues to be a fun addition to the team. Her memory loss makes for an interesting backstory because third parties constantly color it, and it’s fun to try to balance what we know of her and what we’re told of her.
  • Alpha drugs? That’s a pretty awesome twist on the usual case of the week.
  • Nina is still the resident Dr. Phyllis of the team. She helps people through their problems, and, for the most part, is completely underused and generally ignored after having an awesome beginning arc. Let's get to remedying this Alphas!

What did you think of tonight’s Alphas?


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opportunity, you know he will use it.


1. I asked for an episode that didn't obviously rip off "The 4400" or "Heroes", and here one is. Yay! 2. Kat is too cool for this school. Why is she even hanging out with these losers? 3. If Cameron and Bill were ever interesting characters -- which I'm not sure they were -- they're certainly not now. Gary and the gals leave them far behind. 3. Kathleen Munroe (Dani) is not very convincing as an ultra-fragile young woman who spent months (years?) living on the streets trading sex for drugs. 4. I'm disappointed that Rosen chose not to talk things over with Dani before having her arrested. He might have been able to get her to turn herself in and avoided the anger she undoubtedly now feels towards him. 5. I can believe that Parish wanted Dani locked up. Her desire to stay with Cameron and her angst over conflict between Rosen and Parish was definitely was definitely worrying him. I am skeptical about Parish having a plot involving her presence "inside," but if he sees an opportunity, you know he will use it.


Great episode. Interesting and original (for Alphas). I wonder how Dillan figured out how to synthesize an Alpha drug from an Alpha's blood. There's also the possibility of second generation Alphas with Tyler.


I felt pretty bad for Kat getting caught up with that d-bag of an ex-boyfriend who was using Alphas to make a street drug...the way he told her that she'd be sleeping with him again in a few months made my skin crawl, and I was hoping she'd beat him so badly that she'd kill him and we wouldn't have to worry about him or the drug anymore. But I agree that she is a great addition to the team.
And I felt so sorry for Rosen having to turn in his daughter, but I think that is best for her.


I am beginning to like Kat very much. She's been on the down low on previous episodes giving her more screen time was a nice move. I'd love to see how the memory loss will play out though. And Dr. Rosen turning her daughter was tragic but somehow I do agree I did feel like it was the right thing to do. I wish that they would at least show us if Stanton really is as despicable as the show wants us to believe. I am still very much vague about his true intentions.


Nice, finally get to see kat in action. Next week should be a blast.


I loved the episdode. Glad Rosen finally got the mole and even though it was his daughter he turned her in. The case with the alpha drug was interesting and we got to see Kat in action and kick someone's but again. We also found out a little more about her but not enough to be something amazing. I can't wait till the next episode.

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