Army Wives Renewed For Season 7; Kim Delaney Likely Out

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Army Wives has been renewed for a seventh season by Lifetime, but star Kim Delaney likely won't be returning for the 13-episode run in 2013, according to Deadline. Other cast members are also in limbo.

Nevertheless, the renewal is official, Lifetime and ABC Studios confirmed today.

“Army Wives is a very special program,” Lifetime said in a statement. “It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return next year.”

This was far from a given; Army Wives' Season 6 finale this summer was certainly tied up in a manner that could have ended the series altogether. Now that it's coming back, the question turns to the characters.

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New cast member Kelli Williams, introduced last season in what many felt was a move to ensure a smooth transition if Delaney were to leave, will be back, along with Catherine Bell, who signed a two-year deal in May.

It's unclear if any other cast members are under agreement to return.

Delaney's departure has not been confirmed by the network. What do you think of Army Wives returning potentially without Claudia Joy? Can it survive without her, or any of the other characters?

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Kim Delaney makes the show. She is the nucleus that holds the rest of the cast together. Her and General Holden need to be on the show. It would not be army wives without him and especially Kim. Please don't take her off the show. I will stop watching if Kim Delaney doesn't return.


I would hate to see Claudia Joy leave. I know she has had some personal issues, but she is so much a part of the show with her husband.


My daughter and I have watched and enjoyed this show together since the beginning. Hope to see it return with all of the existing cast.


I would like to see all of the originals play their great roles again!


Will not be the same with out Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell.The whole gang to return...I think you will loss a large part of your viewers...ONE MORE year....Thanks


I won't watch the show without Kim Delaney! I started watching it because she was on it, I have loved her since her beginnings as Jennie on "All My Chrildren", and she was outstanding as Claudia Joy.Why would they even think of not having her back?


Please bring back the original cast. These ladies share so much and are so close just thinking of someone leaving makes me so sad. Pamela needs to come back and Claudia Joy needs to stay. Please do not take the army husbands away. Roxcy and Trevor need to stay. One more season with them all PLEASE! Do not change it...


Please bring back ALL the characters of Army Wives!!! I have not been wrapped up n a series like this n years! I love my Army Wives and NEVER miss an episode! It's my addiction for sure! The characters r perfect! Adding new characters is fine but I love the cast we have now! U just feel a part of their 'lives'!!!


I love Army Wives, have since the beginning. Please bring back the original cast, it's fine to add new characters, but it would not be the same without the originals. It would be great too, is Chase and Pamela could come for a visit or consider moving back showing life outside the army but not, if you understand what i mean. I'm hooked, so i'll be watching until there's nothing to watch anymore, then there's always netflix for my army wives fix.


I love this show and can relate to all armed forces for I was a 20 year Marine and can relate to every thing and please bring back all the characters. War is hell for families and this is well written

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