Army Wives Renewed For Season 7; Kim Delaney Likely Out

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Army Wives has been renewed for a seventh season by Lifetime, but star Kim Delaney likely won't be returning for the 13-episode run in 2013, according to Deadline. Other cast members are also in limbo.

Nevertheless, the renewal is official, Lifetime and ABC Studios confirmed today.

“Army Wives is a very special program,” Lifetime said in a statement. “It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return next year.”

This was far from a given; Army Wives' Season 6 finale this summer was certainly tied up in a manner that could have ended the series altogether. Now that it's coming back, the question turns to the characters.

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New cast member Kelli Williams, introduced last season in what many felt was a move to ensure a smooth transition if Delaney were to leave, will be back, along with Catherine Bell, who signed a two-year deal in May.

It's unclear if any other cast members are under agreement to return.

Delaney's departure has not been confirmed by the network. What do you think of Army Wives returning potentially without Claudia Joy? Can it survive without her, or any of the other characters?

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The show has gone through too many changes lately with key characters leaving such as Pamela and Chase and now looks like Claudia Joy. It just won't be the same without her gone too. I am not sure I'll want to continue tuning in next season. You obviously don't care about the fans and their wishes.


Please don't take off any of the old original characters. They make the show. I lost interest this past season after Kim Delaney left. I would like to see all the old characters come back for the final season. It only seem logical. I watched armwives for the begining and I would hate to not watch the final season. It want be the same without the originals. I the writers read all of our comments listed here and take note to what the viewer want. Writers please don't be stuck on stupid. It's a good show let it stay that way until the end.


If they keep taking the main characters off it's not going to last long. Especially if they take Claudia Joy off then its going to end


This is beginning to sound like 7th Heaven, a wonderful, quality show which became a big disappointment and was ruined during its last season. People came and people went, but the people who came were unnecessary, gooney, weird and distracting from the quality, and value of the show. When the time comes for Army Wives to go, I hope they'll let this it go out with the dignity it came in with - no gimmicks, weird characters or anything else that will skew the quality of the show.


I just read that Kim Delaney get killed in a trip overseas. She better not. Also allot of new people going to be coming. It is not going to be the same at all.


I have been following army wives since the beginning,love the show!We in South Africa is propaly way behind,as I just read the comments about the plane crash! Please bring Claudia Joy back ,love her!Oh my word! And what is going to happen if Roxy is out,she makes the show,fun!What are u doing?


It breaks my heart that there will be changes in the main characters for the show but that is part of the Military life. I really want them all back but am glad to hear that Army Wives will be returning even with the changes. I can't wait and hope to learn to love the characters included in another season or many more after that.


When does season 7 start?


Love the show, have watched since the beginning - I would like to see Claudia Joy back, Michael seems lost without her!. Also please bring back Trevor and Roxey some times too. wonderful cast altogether (& no swearing - amazing! shows that TV etc. can get along without all those F words)


I love army wives a lot. I have watched it and I have been following it step by step,season by season.I wouldn't want any change of any character whatsoever....we are already used to this current one,who are doing a wonderful job...please bring season 7 back and more..God bless you guys.

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