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Tyler, It's a glass slide that reflects sunlight. She noticed it because the sun was shining into the burned church, reflecting off the glass and into Laguerta's eyes.

Great start. Nothing beats the death of Rita for me, but there have been some episodes which come close. Notably, Dexter connecting with Julia Stiles' character Lumen Pierce, over their first combined kill. The Ice Truck Killer from the first season was fiendishly fantastic in how he sent all those signals to talk straight to Dexter. The hand: Dexter's mom, the roomful of blood: where the Dark passenger was born, even the brother's final test for Dexter: to kill Deb together was an homage to what Dexter already does. There have truly been some epic scenes and the entire Dexter writing staff should be really proud of their accomplishments. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new dynamic develop from this point and how the Dark Passenger can continue on when he's now in the spotlight.


Deb called Dexter's apartment because she wanted to verify if he was there or not. If she called, he answered, it might have dulled some of her investigative zeal. She KNEW that if she called the cell phone, he would have spun some BS story.

As for how LaGuerta found the slide, from her perspective, you could see the shine of the glass through the grate.


So can anyone tell me exactly how LaGuerta found the slide?

It seemed like she just sensed it or something.


I think LaGuerta was shady about the slide because it implies that a person of significant experience and habit (i.e. one of Miami Metro's finest) participated in Travis's demise. Then, when Masuka helps link this case to the Bay Harbor Butcher (he references Doakes taking blood slides), LaGuerta recalls the evidence that the BHB had to have been a member of Miami, however, she realizes it wasn't Doakes. She correctly suspects that the BHB is not only behind Travis's death, but alive and well as an employee in her precinct. Or maybe she's a dumb ho who forgot about the federal charges linked to evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. Probably just a dumb ho.

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