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Welcome to the 224th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yes, 224 ... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama.

Your Caption Contest this week is Betty Draper. Congratulations! The winning entry is below.

Honorable mentions go out to Viola Lee and DamonLurve. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week in another edition of our Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Serenate and Dorota

Nate: Oh no, you didn't!
Serena: Oh yes, we did.
Nate: No, you didn't!
Eric: Yeees, we did!
Nate (touched): Surprise birthday pot brownies?? You guys are so amazing, I'm gonna cry.

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Dorota: For your birthday, Meester Nate…Dorota’s home-made Space Pie!
Nate: Aww, thanks! Someone call the Spectator, I won’t be in the next three weeks.


Nate: Is that a spotted frog?
Serena: Ya, they're endangered so I thought we could shoot one.
Nate: Oh wait it's just Jenny.
Serena: Don't worry we can still shoot it.


Nate: Ah, the good ol' days when I was relevant in episodes....


Nate: Aw,you guys! You shouldn't have!
Serena: It's Assasin's game!
Dorota: Indeed!(murmuring with a smile)The first victim is your brain and Mr Nate's and after that a long queue of characters' personalities...


Nate: I thought we were going to take things slow, and not make us the "it" couple, again.
Serena: Yes, Nate, I thought we had a mutual agreement and feelings?
Nate: Well Serena, in the words of Gossip Girl, "You may think you have everyone fooled, but with a little help from me...You'll only become the fools, yourself!"


Nate: I was right Damian Dalgard is dreamy!


Nate: Is that a spotted frog?
Serena: Ya, they're endangered so I thought we could shoot one.


Nate: "What is that mysterious ticking noise... It's kinda catchy... Nate, Nate, Archibald, Nate."
Serena: "Serena's a big-whore"
Nate: "Nate, Nate, Archibald, Nate"
Serena:"Serena's a big-whore"
Erik: "Erik, Erik, Erik V-D-W-, Erik, Erik, Erik"
Dorota: "Dorota...Dorota...Dorota"
Blair: "My name's Blair Waldorf, Blair Cornelia Waldorf..."
Blair and Nate (Back and Forth):"Blair,Nate, Blair, Nate, Blair, Nate, Blair, Nate."
All: "Singing this song all day long at Blair's place!" (and Cheering)
Erik:"I found the source of the ticking, it's the relationship bomb."
Jenny(evil laughter): Humphrey, Humphrey, no one likes us, but I'm a Humphrey!


serena:happy birthday nate
nate : omg thanks everyone
dorota:not yet mr nate we still have your favorite pie
nate: oh thanks dorota i love your pie
dorota: now eat up mr nate


Nate: why are everybody so happy?
Serena: it must be this festive tone!
Eric: no...it must be celebration of Chair and Serenate's ending...
Dorota: you all are eating happy pies!(thinking: If you'd eat from this plate...you'll have joy for a while.)

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