Gossip Girl Season 6 Teaser: This Is It!

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The final season of Gossip Girl begins Monday, October 8.

With the big premiere a little more than a month away, this new CW promo hypes up the beginning of the end. No new footage or anything, but posting all things Gossip Girl is pretty much what we do.

Next month can't get here fast enough ...

For all the casting news, rumors, promos and clips leading up to the last season,visit our Gossip Girl spoilers section. We will also be looking back at the previous five seasons extensively between now and October 8!

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Can someone tell me what the song is in this promo


Still would have been nice to see something new

Wheres waldorf

THIS IS FOR THE AUSTRALIAN CHANNEL! In Australia we're usually months behind the US. I'm forced to find it online on Tuesdays at around 1pm while people in the US watch it on Monday nights. Now it's going to be aired on October 9 in Australia, i.e. the day after it airs in the US! YAYYYYYYY


Not being biase because I'm from Australia but I prefer our promos for gossip girl way better because it changes all the time rather than the CW one? But like the only thing is we use old photos and stuff for the show poster like this teaser is like a photoshoot for season 3 so wah but they make it sooo good I love the Australia promos for gossip girl :3


Yes, its the Australian promo for the final season.. im amazed that were getting it the same day lol :O .. it airs the exact same day it premieres as aus is one day ahead and airs on the 8th in the US which means the 9th for aus :)


Guys. Calm down. It's an australian hype-teaser. Which basically gets you hyped up for the upcoming season. GG is on the Fox Chanel and it airs on the 9th of October. Not the 8th. JUST CALM DOWN.


fox8 is the channel gossip girl is played on in australia


Although lame teaser! Didn't get much out of it myself although cant wait for October 9th! Looking forward to some actual footage of the episodes.


You gus just watched its definitely October 9th start....Americans do date differently than us kiwis or Aussies ie we do 9.10.12 they do 10.9.12...month comes first for Americans instead of date. Hope that solves confusion although Im not sure why it's fox and not the CW.


Saw this last night when I was watching pretty little liars I almost died its actually the Australian promo guys that's why it's looks different and it has a different date :3 I'm sooo happy that FOR once it airs on tr same week not like 2 months after it originaly airs in America. No more waiting for so long :3 IT'S NEXT MONTH AWHHH

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