Gossip Girl Season 6 Premiere Clip: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

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In the first sneak preview clip from the Season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair are definitely very close. As in they are getting. It. On. Hard. Meanwhile, Serena appears to be a coked-up mess!

As most crazed GG fans are well after five years, Canadian promotional material is much more forthcoming with spoilers and revealing teasers than anything you'll see or hear from the CW or the producers.

Case in point? This intense clip featuring Chuck ransacking Blair like there's no tomorrow. Guess he's making up for lost time ... unless it's just a dream, in which case fans are going to feel awfully let down October 8.

Even if it were a fake-out, it still might qualify as the hottest scene in Gossip Girl history. After Blair cries out "My god," some half-naked, sweaty panting follows until she says, "Do that again." Chuck obliges.

Time for a cold shower. S, meanwhile, isn't having the best of days. Take a look:

What do you think? Is this a harbinger of good (HOT!) things to come in Gossip Girl Season 6? And will Serena pull it together or be destined for a prolonged period of riding the rails with a bloody nose?

Follow this link for more Gossip Girl Season 6 spoilers and share your comments with us below! And yes, we'll post a better quality version of this clip as soon as we find one ... you don't even have to ask, people.

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this. is. redundant.


I thought it was not possible but I have to admit that I am CHAIR and DAIR fan. Who do I want in the end??? It has to be DAIR. Dan might not be rich, scandalous or the GG type but he makes Blair a stable person, happy and strong. To topic he loves her for she is. Chuckmloves her too but it is more of a journey to get Blair but when she is with him they separate. They cannot hold on to the relationship. It is the IDEA of their being together which keeps bringing them together. It was ok when they wherein high school but now that Blair is in bussiness she needs a stable relationship,to be the woman she wants to be.
And I keep feeling that the sex scene of Chair is a scene from Dan's dream of what Chuck and Blair must be doing or a scene from Dan's book. It does not look like a real one.
Also I think, Blair went to the divorce party but saw Serena and Dan doing the deed. Not to mention that it was the same place where Serena had sex with Nate ( Blair's then BF). After that she went to Chuck. Like she did after her breakup with Nate. Blair has always been in awe of Serena and has believed that Serena is Dan's princess.
also in season5 finale, they showed Dan deleting all the emails from Blair where she is trying to explain that there is a reason for what happened.
I am still rooting for DAIR.
I have hope for Dan and Blair.


Some commenters need to not take this show so seriously. It's a television show meant for pure entertainment. Some of these comments are so distasteful, there's no need to be un-classy just because there's a couple on the show you don't like. It's fun to talk about what goes on but calling people pathetic or losers? Not cool, grow up.


and you chair fans call us pathetic, you root for a disfunctional relationship that could only exist in your twisted heads, dont hate on us because we actiually enjoyed some realism from this show, but you losers should be proud you managed to strong arm (i mean bitch) the gg writers into destroying all character progression just so you can have your shitty couple. And half you people wonder why your love lifes suck lol.


ahhh thnk god this rediculous show is almost over. After that shitty finale i cnt believe they got 10 episodes.


What they call chair disgusting? will you please stop copying the chair fans,this is our first insult when we talk about dair.The only thing disgusting was ban.Ugh i can't believe blair slept with this loser.In your faces ban fans, i am so glad you are all disappointed.Fuck dair.


wow all dair fans are pathetic. your ship is dead and the only thing thats disgusting is dair and their horrible drunken/trashy elevator and dark alley sex scenes.


@jenn then why are you here,you stupid bitch ,if you hate them so much.Dair is over!!!! in your face.


Comments like this: "Yes to that! Gossip Girl is the biggest piss take I have ever seen.
Writers who have nothing to offer so just supply "Hot chair sex" for the screaming 14 year olds and bored 30 something baby bearing housewives.
Pathetic." and this " I loved to see that Donald Trump wannabe have sex with that weak and pathetic Blair, it's a match in heaven and those two morons deserve each other yet again. Let's just hope that a-hole in a bow tie can last forever with that sad excuse for a woman that doesn't have a clue whatsoever. You now the one that doesn't grasp being compared to a horse and traded for a hotel." ...restore my faith in humanity. So glad some people can still see Chair for the disgusting, predictable mess that it is. Writers threw away the best thing they ever had with that train wreck of a finale.


@TV Fanatic, You can see that my comment is not offensive at all!

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