Gossip Girl Season 6 Premiere Clip: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

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In the first sneak preview clip from the Season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair are definitely very close. As in they are getting. It. On. Hard. Meanwhile, Serena appears to be a coked-up mess!

As most crazed GG fans are well after five years, Canadian promotional material is much more forthcoming with spoilers and revealing teasers than anything you'll see or hear from the CW or the producers.

Case in point? This intense clip featuring Chuck ransacking Blair like there's no tomorrow. Guess he's making up for lost time ... unless it's just a dream, in which case fans are going to feel awfully let down October 8.

Even if it were a fake-out, it still might qualify as the hottest scene in Gossip Girl history. After Blair cries out "My god," some half-naked, sweaty panting follows until she says, "Do that again." Chuck obliges.

Time for a cold shower. S, meanwhile, isn't having the best of days. Take a look:

What do you think? Is this a harbinger of good (HOT!) things to come in Gossip Girl Season 6? And will Serena pull it together or be destined for a prolonged period of riding the rails with a bloody nose?

Follow this link for more Gossip Girl Season 6 spoilers and share your comments with us below! And yes, we'll post a better quality version of this clip as soon as we find one ... you don't even have to ask, people.

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SO HOT !! Can't wait for the actual episode so i can see the whole scene in HD!


I loved to see that Donald Trump wannabe have sex with that weak and pathetic Blair, it's a match in heaven and those two morons deserve each other yet again. Let's just hope that a-hole in a bow tie can last forever with that sad excuse for a woman that doesn't have a clue whatsoever. You now the one that doesn't grasp being compared to a horse and traded for a hotel.


LOL, I love your description of it. "Chuck ransacking Blair like there's no tomorrow", indeed. The "do that again" better not be a fake-out, because Imma need to see some more of that this season. Preferably in the back of a limo.


I can't decide between Piano sex, 4x08 "I love condemnation, I love you" sex or this. But this is really hot & it makes me even more excited for the last season.


This is so HOT!!!!


The hottest sex in gossip girl history! What what! Asdfghjkljhgfdsss!
Chuck and Blair are back, bitches!


I love these two lines: OMG and Do that again. This is hot sex!!!. Poor Blair,she really missed THIS sex. Well, she said that with Chuck she has the best sex of someone's life. Besides, we can see that they love so much!
I will enjoy the last season of Gossip Girl, finally Chuck and Blair will be together!.YES!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Serena, her plot interests me a lot too!!!.


Limo, piano and then this in my book. Well done though Chuck with your technique apparently.


This. Is. Amazing.
Well, dear Ed and Savage, I agree with you when you said that "it gets 'pretty' steamy" and that "[they] get 'pretty' close"... I wonder what could have happened if they got "very" steamy and close!
In any case this is just another proof of Chair's (but mostly of Leighted's) chemestry! This can't even be compared to Dair's (poorly failed) attempt to have sex!
As far as Serena is concerned, it's pretty sad seeing her like that, but thank God that it will end soon!
Season 6 come soon, I'm looking forward to watching you!


DO. THAT. AGAIN. (Yes please)

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