Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Hope For Owen & Cristina?

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One way to look at the future of Grey's Anatomy's Cristina and Owen is that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Another way to look at it is that ... it probably will get better eventually.

If you're a fan of the two together, that's got to be somewhat encouraging. Right?

“Initially, it’s going to be very unsettling,” executive producer and show creator Shonda Rhimes teases of the couple’s trajectory in the upcoming Grey's Anatomy Season 9, which begins next Thursday.

“Then it’s going to get fairly romantic as we watch them find their way back to one another.”

Attractive, Talented Wife

Rhimes reiterates that any road to reconciliation will be a bumpy one for the couple.

“There are the aftereffects of the plane crash,” she says.

“There’s still his cheating. Also, he still wants a family and she still doesn’t. That is a huge obstacle for a couple. I’d like to explore what happens when two people want fundamentally different things."

Explaining how she crafted their storyline, she adds, "I didn’t want them to just walk away from each other. I felt like a lot of couples would fight to be together and figure out how to do it.”

How do you see things playing out for them this fall? Discuss!

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I've lost hope for them as well


I still love Crowen couple and hope their marriage work, just don't believe Cristina went to other hospital after the plane crash


I want them together!Love them,can't see them w anybody else tbh.I hope they are end game.


Owen is Scottish and Cristina is Korean they sure would some good looking kids.


I hope they work out somehow..
Grey's in season 9.. it's too late to find another love of their life.
Maybe Cristina gets over her baby issues..or maybe Owen will


thats what she promised about slexie!


They belong together


I've lost any hope for this couple the moment they married. It was too rushed and they all want completely different things. I'm sorry, but Owen's wishes for a family won't vanish, neither will Cristina's passion for surgery. Just face it Shonda; this couple is more done and dusted than Slexie.


I love cristina and owen...i just dont know how they are gonna work. He wants children and she doesnt. Any way she plays it out is gonna be bad. If they end up having a baby, that would change cristina's character, if they dont, then that would change owens character. Only way I see it working is if owen got that one night stand lady pregant. then he would have a baby and cristina


Besides Owen & Cristina & Derek & Meredith - Ben & Bailey are supposedly marrying & apparently Alex is going to bump into "the one for him" - we still don't know if Jackson & April are staying together now that Owen told her she wasn't being hired but with the plane crash, that may change & we are still very much in the dark about Callie & Arizona. In my opinion, there will be plenty of romance to go around. I hope to see Cristina pursue Owen as much as I think he will pursue her. Ever since Cristina met Owen, her character has been changing/growing & for the good. With the plane crash, she may go way backwards & could return to Seattle as she may come to realize just how much she deeply loves him & wants him forever in her life.

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