Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: MerDer Sex Forecast!

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Just how much sex will Meredith and Derek be having this season on Grey's Anatomy? Enough that Patrick Dempsey thinks he needs to start working out ... so that's saying something, right?

Informed that creator Shonda Rhimes was planning to put Derek and Meredith’s sex life under a microscope this season, the 46-year-old actor was a bit taken aback, according to TV Line.

“I need to go to the gym more,” he joked, before adding, “I hope so. They’ve been fighting enough over the last eight years. I don’t know how they stayed together… We’ll see how much sex they’re having."

"They should have it at least once a day. But I think the baby gets in the way.”

Mer Der Lovin'

Dempsey also explained why he signed on for two more years of Grey’s last spring, after publicly toying with the idea of leaving the show altogether at the end of Season 8. “It was about job security,” he said.

“You look at what’s going on in the world, how difficult it is to get a job. You see other actors who have been on other shows who aren’t working now. I’m like, ‘You know what? Why not?’ It’s here. It’s still going."

"Everybody’s working really well together. The scheduling is working out this year. It’s still amazingly popular. I had a long time where I wasn’t working. I was struggling. The money’s good, so I would be stupid to say no.”

Ellen Pompeo, who shared similar sentiments in a recent interview of her own, added that compared to the rest of the cast, she and Patrick will be focusing more on lighter storylines in the early going this fall.

“[The writers] have to create a delicate balance between the heavy storylines and the light storylines,” she said. “And I think Derek and Meredith are just dealing a little bit with his hand and whether he can do surgery or not."

"But there’s not too much drama surrounding them because, the truth is, they’re happy to be alive and be parents for their daughter. So we can play the lightness and leave the heavy stuff to other people.”

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 begins Thursday night on ABC. Sounds like plenty of fun, sexy times ahead for its core couple. How do you see the new season shaping up for Mer and Der? Discuss!

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