Hart of Dixie Season 2 Promo: Welcome to Zoegate

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Sorry, Zoe Hart. But your secret is very much out.

The CW has released the first official trailer for Hart of Dixie Season 2 and it's clear from the get-go that the events which concluded Hart of Dixie Season 1 - Wade in Zoe's bed, George at Zoe's door - will have been heard about by pretty much every resident in Bluebell by the time we return there.

Indeed, as teased at the ouset of the trailer, fans should prepare themselves for Zoegate!

And for Wade to brag about the A+ sex he doled out to our favorite southern doctor. Yowza!

Watch the extended preview now, which includes a look at Golden Brooks as a woman from Lavon's past, and get ready for the October 2 return.

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Add... It's frustrating at times to watch her because of her lack of development and depth. She seem to be stuck in a loop of stupidity. I know she is being funnying and all but at times she needs to take herself serious.


LOL That Wade is a FREAKIN mess, but, I just LOVE him. Just hope the googly eyes to George is part of the HYPE. Ditto about the love triangle... it's getting old. Love to see more developement with both characters... Zoe is starting to become annoying.


Wade!!! I can't wait! Hopefully Zoe lets go of her George obsession and goes for Wade!


It looks great! I did notice though that Zoe's giving googly eyes to George in her Dr's office when Dr Breeland opens the door on them. What the?? I'm definitely not wanting to see that love triangle will she or won't she crap between all three characters for a whole new season. We stuck by the show and now it's time to move her character on to develop some fun and deeper storylines with Wade and the town. :)


Can't wait!!


As much as I was disappointed that the Secret Circle was cancelled... I am really looking forward to the return of Hart of Dixie! This promo has only made me even more excited! :)

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