Justified Casting Notes: Problems with a Preacher?

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FX has sent out a series of casting notices for Justified Season 4.

Who will join Boyd, Raylan and company on this terrific southern drama? Read on, find out and submit any suggestions you may have for the following roles...

Old Friends, Constant Enemies

Colt: A Desert Storm veteran who arrives in Harlan and starts working for Boyd.
Sharon: A bail bondswoman in Knoxville who we suspect will become a love interest for Raylan after she sends him to catch double-murder suspect Jody Adair.
Constable Bob: Hired by Raylan to keep an eye on Arlo's home. A new ally, he eventually teams with Raylan to bring in Adair.
Billy St. Cyr: A young charismatic preacher at the Holy Ghost Revival Church and likely adversary for Boyd because his attempts to rescue drug addicts from their demons cuts into Boyd's business… of selling them drugs.

Look for the Holy Ghost Revival in general to play a major role this winer, with members speaking in tongues and general cult-like behavior taking up residence in Black Lick Holler.

Justified is expected to return with new episodes in January.

UPDATE: Ron Eldard has been cast as Colt, Patton Oswalt as Bob and Joe Mazzello as the preacher.

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Watched these 2 episodes. I tried to leave summaries but the word limit here won't let me, so here's a short one. Raylan is looking for extra money, since he has a kid on the way, and helps hunt down a fugitive in Tennessee. Arlo's house is broken into so Raylan finds an old Panamanian diplomatic pouch. Arlo pretends not to know about it but kills a Dixie Mafia guy in prison who just asked him about it. Raylan finds out that the barmaid, Lindsey, that he's been sleeping with, is married. Preacher Billy comes into Harlan and pisses off Boyd because his drugs are not selling because people are being saved instead. He thinks Billy and his sister are pulling a scam. The prostitute Ellen May is one of the saved as well. Art knows about this guy who fell from the sky 30 years ago with lots of drugs, dead, and figures out that the pouch came from this guy, Waldo Truth, and the man who hired him was Drew Thompson. He thinks Arlo knows where Drew is. Winn asks Boyd to find out why Arlo killed his guy. Boyd wants to sell Winn's heroin and be his partner. Boyd's old army buddy Colt (Ron Eldard) comes to town and works for Boyd. Art is worried about being forced into retirement.


I can hardly wait for the new season to start-this has got to be one of the top five tv series to ever be on tv!This is so nice too look forward to-a television series like thius doesn't come along very often-it's great!!


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jan 13 or 17


When does the new season start?

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