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Oh I forgot , great to see Autumn Reeser....but please girlfriend ......move on to pay cable .....you're wasted on commercial network tv .....


Worried at first to see hot chicks (wasted on commercial network tv) on a military drama ....but it worked out by the end of the episode


I really didn't expect to like this show. I've seen previews for months now and I figured it would be another overhyped show that is meant to basically fill in a spot on the schedule but I was pleasantly surprised when I was genuinely into it after only about 15 or 20 minutes. The only thing I wonder about is how can they keep a plot line like this going for more than a few episodes... honestly you would think it was more of a movie plot than a TV show plot.


@Mark - 3 very well known words in TV and movie land: suspension of disbelief.
Either you can or you can't. If you can, enjoy the show. If not, change the channel.


Definitely my favorite pilot this season. I can't imagine a scenario like that in real life, but if a show is well-written and entertaining, I'm willing to suspend disbelief and just enjoy it!


There are too many plot holes for this show to last.

The Colorado launches an SLBM which detonates 200 miles off the east coast near Washington, D.C. and we're supposed to think it was a harmless show of force? I wonder how many freighters heading in and out of Baltimore Harbor were just incinerated. How many thousands of crewmen just died.

Sorry, but Captain Chaplin just went from sympathetic victim to mass murderer.

Second, the U.S. Armed Forces has quite a few options to disable or destroy a sub sitting on the bottom of a shallow lagoon. 80's era B-1 bombers are way down that list.

I watched the pilot hoping it would be a smart, edgy drama. Unfortunately it's just another show written about the military by folks who have no experience with or understanding of the military.


I've seen the pilot days ago and I must say it's been great, simply amazing, I've been waiting for this series for months, ever since I've seen the trailer.

First comment is that Autumn Reeser is hoooooooooooooot.


BodyWash ✫✫
Considering it's SoapTV - FOR MEN.

The Seal guy crying at the end being hugged by a stranger was hilarious. Big Shawn Ryan fan but can't get behind this.


I agree it would be nice to if they could do a crossover with NCIS or maybe have Mark Harmen appear on the show.


Best pilot I've seen this season.

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