Leverage Review: A Sterling Reputation

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As the counterpoint to the first half of this week’s two-hour summer  finale, "The Frame-Up Job" featured only Sophie and Nate – along with the return of Jim Sterling, everyone’s favorite Interpol agent. 

Nate's Dilemma

I’m curious: does anyone know when Jim Sterling turned into Robert Palmer? Every one of his agents was an attractive woman with no facial expression. Honestly, had he started humming “Addicted to Love” I wouldn't have been surprised at all. 

His choice of agents aside, I was also surprised how quick Sterling was to accuse Sophie and Nate of stealing the painting. I was expecting him to do a reveal that he knew they weren't behind it but had accused them to get their help. Hasn't Nate and the team saved his ass like a dozen times now? I guess his trust was kind of inferred with his offer to have Nate (and the art thief) come work for him. 

Of course, Sterling delivered the best Leverage quote of the hour when he walked out and off-handedly asked if anyone knew about replacing the painting with forgeries and the curator took off running. 

Did anyone else figure out the son was involved as well when the curator turned up in the pool dead? I felt a bit like Nate when I realized she had no reason to run toward the pool; the odds of falling just right to hit your head on the side edge and still make it into the water that far is pretty high. 

Speaking of Nate and his deductions, I really enjoyed how they showed him going through the motions of with the black and white scenes where only he was in color as the spectator.  I hope we see more of this effect in future episodes, as it give us a more tangible feel for how he figures things out.

Am I alone in my confusion of why Nate doesn't trust Sophie? As she pointed out, they have been working together for five years and sleeping together for the last two. Did I miss an episode where Sophie went grifting and stealing?  

I’m glad that Nate admitted he trusted her at the end. Oh, and I totally called the painting was of her when she wouldn't say why she knew it was a fake. 

Overall this was a great episode and made for a fun summer finale. Don’t forget that Leverage returns in November to finish out its fifth season and TV Fanatic will be here with the latest news and reviews


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I love Leverage! Great job to all the actors as well, because I know it is difficult to be a good one. Love the relationships in there. Nate and Sophie, and Parker and Hardison all the way! Hope Eliot finds someone special... Whoever posted the three comments about hating Leverage is clearly not smart or has not seen much Leverage. BTW they also spelled Eliot's name wrong. Eliot only has one L in his name, not two. And just because whoever it is hates the show, you can't say the actors are terrible, because it isn't true. If you don't actually meet the person in life, you cannot judge them by a show on television because the view is all wrong. At least they managed to get Psych in there, though. Psych is another great crime TV show, yet I still think Lassie would lose in a fight to Eliot. I mean, come on, in one of the books of Psych lassie got locked in the trunk of the car by a professor! This is ym opinion still, but Leverage is my fav. show p there along with other crime shows like Psych, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, and Cold Case (Just to name a few). I hope Leverage and other good TV shows at least get renewed for a few more seasons. The ending of Season 5 Episode 1 had me confused. It made me think that Nate and HArdison are both hiding something from the rest of the team. I don't think it's good, either, because Nate said, "all good things come to an end". I think I have sort of narrowed it to a few options maybe. I thought maybe it was disbanding, either the team fully or maybe one or two people of the team were leaving the team. On that scene, Hardison was looking at his computer of a map of Central Asia, Africa, and Europe. I thought then maybe the team was moving somewhere. Hardison also transferred money though, so maybe the team is deciding to start a new life? Or maybe it is only Nate, because he is having Hardison hide whatever it is from the rest of the team.


I love it! my favorite will be the episode about the stolen painting by a german sniper soldier. ... Love story of hardison and parker. That episode made me cry ;-)


If you have seen the Martin Lawrence movie"Blue Streak" (so funny) then you have seen Leverage. Except the movie is a spoof. This dumb show takes itself serious and it just dosent work. These things the characters are doing are so un real. I hate this show much..


This is the worst show that I have ever seen or heard about..


This show sucks.. I can't tell you which character I hate the most.. I had the misfortune of watching a few episodes,to try to get into it, but all I do is hope they all get killed.. This show is so unbelievable.. They are all terrible actors. I hope this show gets canned really soon.. If they were ever to be in Santa Barbara Det. Lassiter would lock them all up and beat the crap out of that a-hole Elliot..


Fantastic 2 hour ride. Hated for it to end. Nate and Sophie are my favorites though I love them all and the Frame-up Job was a great way to conclude the summer run. Sterling is always a treat. Wish Mark could squeeze more time in for us. Hot and cold had me lol!!! Wasn't Gina lovely? No wonder Nate has had the hots for Sophie all these years. On pins and needles waiting on word about a season 6. Leverage God above; please want more!!!!


Has anyone else noticed that the finale of these episodes with the painting being hidden behind the fake wall is identical to an episode of Hustle (british TV show), in which they used the wall to blackmail a mark into returning the patents for an unstealable security system.


If you liked the way they put Nate in the scene as he imagined how the crime took place, just watch Murdoch Mysteries. I think that show uses it more than any other, and it's a pretty darn good show.


I loved The Frame-Up Job, it was a real fun episode! It was great to see Sterling again and he made it even more fun to watch. Hope he will be back in future episodes. Can't wait for November to come :)


Both episodes were excellent and very well done. The first with Eliot, Parker and Hardison was action packed and I found it impossible to guess what would happen next. The addition of Adam Baldwins character and the history with Eliot was a big wow factor along with the kiss for luck between Parker and Hardison. The second episode with Nate and Sophie was just as well done and so many funny moments, seeing them solve the case and show up Sterling. The look on Sterling's face when Sophie plopped into his lap had me cracking up and the warmth between Nate and Sophie was just as it should be.

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Sophie: I know. I'm going to be slaving away in a dusty old theater, while you sit back. Relax and watch alcoholic repressed insurance cops harassing tragically misunderstand femme fatales.
Nate: You're not supposed to root for the criminals.
Sophie: Always root for the home team.

Nate: Oh hey, I just heard from the others, there's gonna stay in DC.
Sophie: I know, Parker just texted me.