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Partners centers around two lifelong best friends, one of whom is straight and the other gay.

A decade ago, this progressive concept may have been enough to base a sitcom around. But times have changed.

Gay characters abound on television, society itself has come along way and I, at least, need a lot more for my entertainment value than the very tired concept of a self-centered, over-the-top gay man bouncing his zaniness of a straight target.

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That's really all the premiere delivered, playing up the differences between David Krumholtz's Joe and Michael Urie's Louis in uninventive, one-dimensional ways.

Nothing felt fresh about Partners. Of course Wyatt is a gay nurse. Of course Louis wishes he could be a Jewish doctor. Of course there were numerous jokes about sex and penises, with many ridiculously forced (heart-on? Really?!?).

The sitcom is mostly harmless and doesn't cater to the lowest, most obvious denominator like some of its CBS brethren (2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men). But it's not imaginative or unique, either. Not only do I feel like I've seen Joe and Louis' relationship before, I feel like I've seen it between Will and Jack on creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick' previous series, Will & Grace.

Partners said it best itself early on, when Joe and Louis' secretary mocked the latter with what could easily be the show's tagline: Gay, gay, gay. Joke, joke, joke. That's really all you need to know.

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Stereotyping it drives me nuts.We get a lot of jlanruoists who just aren't interested in anything other than confirming their preconceived ideas with some evidence' even when the evidence doesn't exist or contradicts what they want to say. Five years after the fact, there are still articles claiming that the number of egg and sperm donors dropped through the floor when the law on anonymity was changed. It didn't the numbers actually went up. If they'd bothered to check the publicly available stats on the HFEA website they'd know this is a non-story but no, bad news is so much more entertaining.Then, and I hate to say it, there are the articles in women's mags who want a very specific story about a grieving infertile couple given hope by a donor and how they had suffered for so long but look there was a happy ending. I know this is what they DO and it's also the kind of story that helps recruit donors, but y'know, it's not the whole picture.


This pilot was frustatingly similar to the pilot of Will & Grace - two best friends, one gets engaged, the other disapproves, they get in a fight, then reconcile... Hopefully they won't re-use every gay joke that ever appeared on W&G


I have loved David Krumholtz since his days on "Numbers" and was hoping for a comedy series I could finally watch. While I enjoyed Joe and Ali, the gay couple lacked any semblence of subtlety. Louis relied on every gay stereotype (and not in a fun way like Sean Hayes in "Will & Grace") and there didn't appear to be any chemistry between him and his dull nurse/partner. I would guess that this show will have a short run, but since Jon Cryer won an Emmy for a terrible season of "2 1/2 Men" I realize that a poorly written show does not guarantee that it will fail.


Loved it. Except they should have made Brandon Routh's character more butch. He's acting as a slightly slow witted gay nurse comes off very awkward and stupid.
I'll watch anything with Sophia Bush and Michael Urie. Amazing chemistry with those two.
I also loved the boy who played Loius/ Lewis's younger character. So funny!!!!


I liked it I thought it was cute. I hope it stays. But I do hope Brandon Routh acting improves it was terrible least night. I don't know if that's him or his character either way I hope it gets better


I really liked it. I hope they hammer out the too much like "will & grace " kinks!


I don't think this show will last long


While not very original, I found this show cute. I do think it a little like Will & Grace but that not bad thing, but however I think the jokes were safe. It could be like Cougar Town which attempted for normalcy but went to the zany which is how Bill Lawrence likes it. Overall I do love the cast.


It surpassed my expectations. And the cast had more chemistry than I would've guessed from the previews. But yes, the 'Heart On' thing was incredibly forced, and I'm almost certain I've heard that joke before!

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