Presenting: The 2012 Emmy Award Awards!

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The 2012 Emmy Awards are in the books, and what did we learn?

Voters really love Modern Family. A lot more than Mad Men, at least.

In the wake of a somewhat funny, mostly predictable ceremony, TV Fanatic is excited to present the Emmy Award... Awards! Read on for our rundown of the most memorable moments.

Aziz on Stage

BEST PRESENTERS (Tie): Aziz Ansari for adopting a British accent (I feel like people take your acting more seriously when you're British ... It's brilliant. Fish and chips. Cheers.) and Tina Fey for forgetting her reading glasses and describing Lead Actress in a Drama Series nominees as “an invisible shrimp trucker" and "a shoebrush lady of manure."

BEST SPEECH: Aaron Paul. Humble and grateful, the Breaking Bad star addresses fiancee Lauren Parsekian and said: "Thank you so much for looking at me the way that you do, you truly saved me."

BEST TACKLE: Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert for taking down Jon Stewart on his way to collect The Daily Show's 10th (!!!!) consecutive win for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series.

BEST JIMMY KIMMEL JOKE: "Does it bother anybody else that President Obama said his favorite show is Homeland? I don’t think the president should be watching Homeland for the same reason Charlie Sheen shouldn’t be watching Breaking Bad.”


BEST SEGMENT: The Modern Family cast reacting to the nightmare that is Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily) on set.

RAUNCHIEST QUIP ABOUT JON CRYER: "Wore out that poster of Ducky." - Melissa McCarthy

BEST SAVE: Seth MacFarlane rushing across the stage after one microphone didn't work and telling the audience, in a Stewie voice: "This is what happens when you don't come to rehearsal."

BEST MOMENT: The standing ovation for Michael J. Fox.

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Can't believe Peter Dinklage lost. Jim Parsons too. GOT got nothing. Utter and complete Hogwash!!




I feel like one of those paranoid FOX announcers, but really do all Hollywood celebrities make their chops in dissing this years presidential candidates, particularly pretty uglyMitt jokes.


I was thrilled for Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman!) and impressed by his attitude. Bryan Cranston was a major snub as was "Breaking Bad." I agree with others that "Modern Family" isn't that great....and if you were going to reward any of the actors from that show it should have been Ed O'Neill.


Agree, i clapped behind my desktop for Michael J. Fox That men is hero!


And in my opinion, there is NOTHING special about Modern Family. I only watch when there's NOTHING else on. LOL but then again, I hated/hate Seinfeld too. Big Bang was good for a while but the premise has gotten old for me. The only comedy shows on TV now that I actually laugh out loud at are Mike & Molly and The Middle.


I miss the days when the Emmy's honored the shows everyone got to watch. I cannot afford HBO and the other premium channels, therefore no Homeland, no Boardwalk Empire, etc. What happened to no cable programs getting nominated? And if AMC has shows, then why not USA and TNT? Suits is fabulous!


This show was 'meh' in my opinion. Homeland and Modern Family are good shows, but not THAT good.
The only awards that I actually agreed with, were Maggie Smith for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, Jessica Lange for Supporting Actress in a Miniseries and Drama Series, Directing for Boardwalk Empire.
Jim Parsons lost out to Jon Cryer!!!???!! WTF?? This is the worst season ever of Two and a Half Men. Modern Family is OK, but it's not the funniest thing I've ever seen.
And really, Homeland? It's a good show, but if we weren't experiencing the situations with terrorism we have been and are currently, would this show really be 'ground breaking' and 'eye-opening'? Boardwalk Empire had it's absolute best season, and a fantastic finale, and they only get a directing award?? Game of Thrones got nothing, not even the wonderful Peter Dinklage?! The Emmy's must be rigged, there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.