Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Laying Pipe"

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Has it sunk in yet, Sons of Anarchy fans? Have you accepted the loss that took place toward the end of this week's shocking "Laying Pipe?"

Our Round Table team - comprised of staffers Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara, Carla Day and Christine Orlando, as well as Michelle Luna from - are still coming to grips with Opie's death.

But we take comfort in each other in the following edition of this TV Fanatic feature. Read on and jump in now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode? 
Matt: As a ray of sunshine before what is sure to be a handful of dark responses, I'll go with Juice's enthusiastic reaction at Nero's brothel. He's come a long way from that broken tree limb.

Chris: From a comedic standpoint, I absolutely lost it when Tig and the big Niner traded insults while being prepped for solitary. On the real, though, Jax's sitdown with Pope after watching Opie get killed was amazingly intense. The pain in Jax's eyes was palpable. I liked Pope's line about how players become kings.

Carla: This is a difficult episode to pick a favorite. There were many good scenes, but it was a painful episode to watch. I did like Tara's smack down on Gemma, especially watching the realization creep across Gemma's face that Tara was right about what Jax would do.

Christine: Every scene with Juice was hilarious. After all the darkness last season, it was great to see him finally having some fun. When the madam calls him white trash and he says, "I'm actually Puerto Rican" I couldn't help but laugh.

Michelle: My favorite scene is also the worst scene and not because of what happened but because of the great acting between Ryan Hurst and Charlie Hunnam: when Opie chooses his own faith and gets sent into the box. Opie’s last words to Jax as he is screaming and banging the window... “I got this.” The emotions between the two of them are so raw and gut-wrenching. The image of Opie with his slight smile will forever be burned into my brain.


Pen a eulogy for Opie.
Matt: You were a big man with an even bigger heart and some really long hair. May you find the peace in death that you could not track down in life, drinking with Piney, cuddling up with Donna and never again having to share your loved one with any porn stars.

Chris: Opie saw more clearly than most of  those around him, but he was almost loyal to a fault. After losing Donna, he never was able to give up the club, his first family, for his own offspring. He tip-toed the line between both and never again really found his strut. His children will find solace in the fact that he came to the side of his best friend in the end. The closest thing he had to a brother in this life watched the light go out of his eyes but his fire will burn on in Jax's heart.

Carla: It's too soon and I'm too heartbroken to write a eulogy right now, but it would have to mention how fiercely loyal Opie was and that he sacrificed his life for the club. Loved the man!

Christine: The big man was fierce, loyal and not smart enough to walk away from a club that killed his wife, father and, eventually, him. You deserved better, Op.

Michelle: I stand before you grieving, like so many, for the loss of a great man. He was a brother to many, and even with all the tragedy that befell him, he stayed loyal to the bitter end. Opie died saving his brother’s life, he went down a hero in many eyes. I would like to think, in the end, that he was finally at peace and he was okay with his decision. May his soul finally rest in peace and know he did not die in vain.

Tara threatening Gemma: You go, girl! or You should NOT go there, girl!
Matt: You both, girls, go to your room! Both sides feel a bit forced here. Gemma has her fault, but it's true she has shown nothing but love for Tara's boys. Tara is being unnecessarily harsh. But Gemma going to Wendy just because she feels a bit slighted? I don't really buy she'd ever do that. The feud is growing tiresome and difficult to believe.

Chris: I always love seeing Tara in survival mode. I loved the exchange that transpired with Gemma, Tara and Tara's boss. Gemma's "Not now, Red!' followed by Tara's defensive "I didn't stoop" were great scenes.

Carla: You go, girl! Tara needs to protect her family from Gemma, though the problem is that they are getting near to needing protection from Tara as well. When Jax returns home, perhaps he will be able to help ground Tara again. She is getting dangerously close to losing herself.

Christine: Oh, you go, girl! Tara's first priority is to protect her family and she's proving to be quite capable of going toe to toe with Gemma at every turn.

Michelle: I know some people hate the way Tara talked to Gemma, but I was happy. Gemma wants Tara to bend to her will, it cannot be that way. Gemma needs to know her place but she likes to hurt others when she is hurt. She went to Wendy and tried to make Tara look bad just because she could not see the kids. Is anyone pissed about that!!? So I say “YOU GO GIRL!” I do miss the friendship between the two of them and hope that eventually Kurt will get them back to that.

Does Gemma still have feelings for Clay?
Matt: Not of love. She simply lost her collective $hit in that scene. I mean, come on. Gemma is with Nero "I play chicken because I don't get out much and I give time and money to my disabled son" Padilla. She best realize how lucky she is!

Chris: Without a doubt she does. We can’t forget that she betrayed her husband for Clay. Gemma has a lot of scars beyond those skin deep. You can’t just turn off all that history and all those secrets they have shared.

Carla: Yes! She has feelings of anger, resentment, betrayal and even a lingering love for him, although she would deny it.

Christine: Gemma is out of control. I was so disappointed in her last night.  Why beat on the poor hooker when Clay's the one who deserves it? She loves him. She hates him. I'm not sure I care anymore.

Michelle: I certainly hope not! There are probably some feelings lingering but not enough to say she loves him; after all she tried to get Jax to kill him. I’m rooting on Gemma and Nero!

Was killing off Opie the right move?
Matt: Yes. The steps it took to set up that fatal beatdown were a tad contrived, but in the grand scheme of the show, this removes any question of how Opie could ever sit at a table with Clay, and it also sets Jax up on what I can only presume will be a dark, dangerous fascinating path as SAMCRO President.

Chris: While I will miss Opie, for the sake of the show and Jax's development, it was a good move by Kurt Sutter. Man, it was tough to watch, though. I cannot WAIT until we see Jax get his revenge on that prison guard.

Carla: It breaks my heart to say this, but yes. Opie's story had run its course. He had lost too much that he didn't have anything left to give. And, storywise, his death will propel Jax in a new direction. The way it happened was cruel, though. Opie never should have even been in prison. He sacrificed his freedom for Jax and his loyalty cost him his life. I'm not sure how Jax can ever recover from it.

Christine: As horrible as it was, yes. Opie had nothing left. The club completely destroyed him and his loyalty to Jax ended his life. RIP, Opie. If there's an after life, I hope you find Donna and Piney there.

Michelle: This is a double edged sword. I feel like Opie was part of my family and I am devastated. I will forever be an Opie fan. I will continue to cry and want to throw things at the television whenever I think of Opie or see this episode. He was such a great character and I always wanted him as VP. I WANT HIM ALIVE!! 

But, on the other hand, I was in denial. I should have seen this coming. He lost just about everything; he was a broken man just living day by day. In jail, he even asked Jax if he was tired of it all. Opie WAS tired. I think killing off Opie will set Jax off and he will become a stronger and maybe a more ruthless leader. Do I think Sutter could have pushed Jax a different way and kept Opie alive? HELL YES, but maybe something else will come out of his death. We will just have to wait and see, until then I will grieve for the loss of Opie! I am a loyal fan till the bitter and deadly end.


I did find myself saying, "that's it, I'm done watching this show!" State of shock I guess. But I actually will keep watching and can't wait for Tuesday night! SOA is undoubtedly awesome and very unpredictable. Great job Mr. Sutter! As for were the man...R.I.P.


@Matt The problem was not that they did not have more power than Pope, its that they did not know the reach Pope had. As well pulling too many strings also meant the risk of exposing themselves to the Cartel, and the Irish messing up all the connections they had outside the CIA.


1. Jax letting the guard know that he is a dead man now.
2. ummmm I was never good at this so I will skip it.
3. Hell yes I loved it Tara letting Gemma know whats what, whos who, and where to stick
4. yes she does as much as she denies it you can see it, all the way from the first episode when Clay "apologized". I have seen that look before from women I have wronged.
5. It is the only move that could bring out the killer in Jax, and make him ruthless enough to pull SAMCRO through this new war. I hope Jax has his way with that guard, and I also hope he lets Tig have his way with Pope.


Opie's character had plenty left to give it had revenge to fuel him. Gemma and Clay now there's two character's who have used up their usefullness. I am sorry but anybody who is dumb enough to think that a Oakland street pimp has more power than a CIA backed Cartel is just kidding themselves. The cartel/Cia needs the sons to get the guns from the Irish they would have wiped out Pope in minutes. I am left to believe they will get the sons out of trouble for government charges including Bobby for murder but yet can't get them out for this? The whole story line sucked and people who say it didn't are just kidding themselves. I didn't mind that Opie had to die (even though for a ratings based show it was a dumb move) but lets make it something real. A son dies than they let out the other one's and the witnesses go away against the club? I mean come on that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen it's so insulting to our intelligence I can't even believe Kurt (who I think is brilliant) passed this garbage onto us.


no one seems to be stating the obvious....Curt is essentially showing us how the club went from JT and Gemma to Clay and a different Gemma. Jax and Tara are slowly becoming the new Clay and Gemma. I wonder if he's a Star Wars fan, lol. The only question is how far he'll let them go.


@ kevin, I believe Tigs will be loyal to Jax & not Clay. Clay is the reason he HAD to watch his daughter get burned alived...because CLAY lied....poor Ope. & the monster that continued to beat him AFTER he was already gone!!!!!!!!!


@ rangerclif, that's what I thought. but they are telling me it wasn't Juice. Him & Clay were already gone by then.


Did Juice die? I thought I saw Juice montionless and gutshot on the brothel floor during the raid.

Strawberry fields

Does Gemma still have feelings for Clay? I'm totally with Christine on this one. I'm disappointed too and I don't care anymore. She should have take a swing at Clay and leave the poor girl alone. And I for one think that Nero is being way too nice to her. Was killing off Opie the right move? My heart bleeds when I write this, but yes. He was a broken man and he chose his own way out. It was heartbreaking and beautiful. And it will drive Jax from now on. If there is one thing to be happy about, it's that Opie learned the truth from Jax before he died. He really deserved that.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - if you're asking for "favourite", I'm gonna say Jax calling Tara to let her know he's safe. You can really feel the love those two have for each other. But the most amazing scene was definitely Opie's death. Especially that quiet moment before the storm, with Opie in the box and Jax trapped behind the glass, up to Opie's last words: "I got this". That little moment when all of them (and all of us) knew what is going to happen. I think that was the most incredible scene in the history of this show. Tara threatening Gemma - you go, girl! Maybe Tara is a little too harsh, but Gemma's need to control everybody is seriously pissing me off. Going to Wendy was so low. She manipulates her way through everything. She keeps doing that to Tara, Unser, even Jax. Being a bigger bitch is the only way to win with her and I'm cool with Tara in that role. Are you going to kill Gemma, doctor? "No. But my husband might". Snap! :)

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