Switched at Birth Review: Can We All Just Move Forward?

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This week's Switched at Birth was actually pretty slow. I don't know about all of you, but I'm kind of over the whole Bay/street artist storyline.

Besides, "Tree of Forgiveness" didn't even show us the fallout from Chef's illicit romp with Melody!

Bay Begs Forgiveness

This week focused a little more on Bay drama than Daphne drama. She was fighting with her dad on his opinions about street art and almost got arrested. Then her last name got her out of any legal trouble. Her new tagging friend was not psyched about that, but rather pissed Bay had lied. Hating someone because of their last name? Sounds like a Dan Humphrey move to me.

Anyway, Daphne encouraged Bay to tell Emmett to move on or he would hold out hope. Naturally, since Bay is fairly selfish, she didn't do that. Instead, she went to Emmett and opened up to him about her fight with her father and asked for his advice. Regardless of the fact that I just called her selfish, I have to say that I do understand it.

You can be really angry with someone in your life or really hurt by something they did, but it doesn't always make you love them any less. It is what it is.

Toby, on the other hand, seems ready to move on from Simone, his music and reminders of his past. Katherine picked up on his change in mood and encouraged him to get into playing the guitar again. Despite Toby's initial resistance that led to him spilling his guts to his mother about Emmett and Simone, I think it was a step in the right direction. I'm also really happy they gave Toby some more screen time!

Also, I had no idea that Simone was so troubled with the alcohol. Regina is a good person. I actually loved what she said to Simone in the car.

Listen to me, you are not the worst thing you've ever done. You did something thoughtless, people suffered, you try to make amends and you move on. | permalink

It made me happy to see Angelo making strides with Daphne. It's about time he put some effort into getting to know both of his daughters and not just the one biologically related to him. Too bad it took a nail gun through the hand and a trip to the emergency room, but, hey, what matters is what happens is the result.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Will Bay and John work out their issues? Will Emmett and Robin hang out again? Hit the comments!


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I loved the Street Art is going to be in my iPod


Im making Bays Street Art into a Album its really good in my iPod fan of Bay Pallimo Kennish


I'm not a bit fan of the bay story atm, she sounds like a little child all the time. also get the courtcase out of the way please? Not interesting any more.


I am glad Daphne agreed to give Angelo a chance, but I actually felt what he said was way out of line. He left for a long time and he has been back like a month. Forgiveness usually takes longer than that and more than lunch at a bistro. It made me agree with grandmother. Who expects someone to open up to you in that short of time? I also worry for Regina. I don't think he is the right person for her. The whole Bay story is just awful...the pseudo-gang, the tagging, all of it. I guess I am not sure how she thinks painting another person's property is okay. I wish they would pick another story for her. Also Daphne talking to Bay about Emmett. I mean seriously Daphne, the guy cheated on her. I get he's your friend, but bay doesn't owe him anything.


I'm probably one of the only fans who doesn't bust Angelo's chops regularly. I was happy that he finally told Daphne to let it go. Everyone is on this man's case all the time, half of them don't have the right to be and he's in that precarious position of being damned if he does and dammed if he doesn't. I'm happy she accepted the strides he's been trying to make for some time. The Kennish parents continue to frustrate me. I laughed at them realizing just how out of touch they are with their kids. Katherine and Toby was nice though. Kid needed some attention. The Bay tag thing was dull and although the new deaf girl lingered awkwardly for the duration of her screentime,I like the prospect of new girls for him and Toby. Loved Regina with Simone.

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She's a teenage girl. It's easier for her to yell at us about one thing when she's upset about another

Katherine [about Bay]

It is people who are otherwise invisible, expressing themselves the only way they know how.