The Good Wife Casting Scoop: Meet Cary's Dad!

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Who knew Blair Waldorf and Cary Agos had so much in common?

In the latest impressive Good Wife casting scoop, John Shea - who has recurred on Gossip Girl for years as the father of Leighton Meester's Upper East Sider - will stop by the CBS drama as Cary's father

TV Line, which broke the news, describes Mr. Agos as "awkward and stiff," while teasing that he kicked Cary out of the house at the age of 18 because his father treated him the same way.

Sounds like there's an issue or two dozen that needs to be worked out between father and son, huh?

John Shea

The Good Wife Season 4 premieres on September 30 and other recent casting additions include Christina Ricci and Brian Dennehy.

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I'm against guest stars' overuse when those guest stars aren't meant to add anything to main characters' development. Theoretically Kalinda's husband should add something to Kalinda character but personally while I'm interested in Kalinda's character I don't care at all about that "Fifty Shades of Grey" scenario that Kings are writing for her. On the contrary I'm interested in that Cary's potential story arc. I've enjoyed Cary's evolution but everything about him never overreached the larval stadium as for time and attention devoted to it. So it's time to do more with it.


In Cary's case I don't complain. It's not just a filler side story and I think they'll focus on him and use that storyline to solve and explain many unsolved and unexplored things about Cary. We don't know absolutely nothing about him. Everyone thought he was a spoiled rich kid but spoiled rich kids don't have college debts. Everyone thought he was privilged and well connected but he was fired two times and he never used those connections to get help.
That's something they really need to explain about Cary, because obviously there's more about him than just being Alicia's (former) antagonist.
And I'm sure we'll also see Cary doing "normal" work. His father is scheduled to appear just later this fall so I hope they'll give him something good to do in the meantime.


instead of that many guest stars they should focus on the actors that already exist. we already get so little to see of cary and kalinda doing normal work, i am not interested in side stories.


No, they don't know. If they knew, season 3 Cary wouldn't never happen. So those fans are now extremely pissed off. And writers better be really cautious and carerful about Cary's storyline this year because I don't think those fans give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.


Good news. I hope they finally give Cary a good storyline and some decent screentime. CBS and the producers may not know it but there are lots of viewers watching and pulling for Cary. And Matt Czuchry is simply terrific on this show.


Season 4 is shaping up to be a great one. The casting on this show has been brilliant in the first 3 seasons and season 4 seems to have lots more great guest stars.


Wait. Does it mean they'll FINALLY give some info about Cary's background and that they're REALLY writing a storyarc for him? No way, come on. Are you kidding?

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