The New Normal Series Premiere: Grade It!

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Does NBC have a new comedic hit on its hands?

Or the latest in a long line of flops?

The New Normal was given a special, much-hyped premiere tonight, following the season debut of The Voice. Did Ryan Murphy's latest sitcom, about a gay couple, its surrogate and her unique family, deserve such an unveiling? Did you tune in?

Will you continue to do so in its regular time slot on Tuesday evenings?

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Simply put: What did you think of The New Normal premiere? Grade it now:

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I absolutely love the show, but will not watch or recommend anymore. Nene Leakes, if I have spelled it right, is a complete non starter. Good luck to you! She has been vocal about gays, how could you put her in that particular show?!? I own a bar, and we are scratching our heads on that one!


I loved it! It shows a lot of promise. @ES
Her character is depicted as being wrong when she says that. NBC is not trying to ailienate viewers. You missed the point. @Jarrod Mitchell
You're right that you can't really judge a show by its pilot, but the pilot isnt always not as good as the following episodes. Sometimes it is the worst episode ever in the series (see: Last Man Standing, Switched at Birth, Once Upon a Time) and sometimes its a level of excellency never reached again (see: Suburgatory, Touch)


I liked the show. But I am definitely a person who needs a couple more episodes to really make a decision.
But I do want to point out a couple things other people seem to be looking past. The people who were upset about the comments about the things Ellen Barkin's character, she says those things, and is sooo out of line, as a way of making fun of racists, homophobes, etc. It isn't about making fun of those people.
And the ones saying the gay dad's look at the baby as an "accessory"... The point of the pilot was to see the transition of both men into becoming dad's. Justin barthas character was scared and wasn't sure he was even ready, but we saw that change. The other one, definitely acted as if the baby was just an accessory at first, but they showed that change in the very first scene when he was recording the video. And later when they were waiting to find out if she was actually pregnant. I'm looking forward to watching this show again and seeing what they make of it.


This is not entertainment! Hope this show is cancelled quick.


I enjoyed it to an extent. I don't really think you can judge something based on the pilot, seeing as episodes after the pilot are always much better than the pilot itself.

Philly ace

I literally couldn't make it through the episode. The only bright spot was that old cougar Ellen Barkin being a complete and utter racist or bigot (as the daughter says). Anyways I predict it to be canceled by the middle of October.


Ellen Barkin's character used the term "Jew-down" which immediately alienated myself, a large group of others I speak with, and I'm certain many, many other listeners! Are the writers, etc at NBC trying to get people to watch.. doesn't seem so!


it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, worth another chance ...


Knock off of Modern Family. . .


Bothered by the fact that this gay couple seems to want a baby as an accessory. That is definitely not a realistic representation. If fact, that's downright offensive. Other than that, I'm hoping that the show will get better. It has potential.