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Ryan Murphy is bringing The New Normal to NBC. It stars: Ellen Barkin, Andrew Rannells, Georgia King, Bebe Woods and Justin Bartha.

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Wow! The report of this show appears conpletely true - It is vehemently, anti Christianity and pro gay! After more than 40 years as a follower of Christ, reading His Word through dozens of times, memorizing hundreds of passages and even full chapters and absorbing a solid, overall understanding of prophetic events discussed in scripture, I still feel that I have only begun to understand the depths of the Gospel of Christ and the power of His Word. Having said that, this"New Normal" sitcom fits right in with the tide of prophetic events in the vortex of world's events. This show will no doubt be a hit, get awards and have the homosexual community dancing in the streets with joy. What do I believe? I believe that God the Father sent His Son (born of a virgin) into this world, to experience (as a man, yet still God and without sin) what mankind deals with. Christ lived a perfect, holy and sinless life, while upsetting the value system of the hypocrital religious leaders and sinful men. Mankind passed judgment on Jesus, tortured Him with the most horrible manner they could find - the cross. Jesus was not killed, He gave His life for each of us, homosexuals, wicked and vile sinners of all sorts, meaning we are all sinners before the Father, needing redemption and forgiveness. Jesus Christ died, but His story does not end there. Unlike Mohammed, Budda, Confuscious and all other such religious leaders, He did not remain in a tomb, but rose the third day and now stands beside His Father in Heaven, interceding on our behalf. Whether each of us accepts and embraces His gift of redemption and salvation determines more than an eternal home in Heaven. It sets within us a desire to live holy, because He lived holy; to show tolerance and compassion, because He showed the same; to stand for Godly, moral, biblical values in every aspect of our lives. What do I believe? I condemn all aspects of this show and the homosexual lifestyle it represents and am deeply concerned that it is just the first ripple of a tsunami of other shows and values. Do I judge and devalue the lives of men and women who live in the homosexual lifestyle? I try not to do so, leaving that judgment up to the Father, the creator of this universe. I know that when God created us, He created mankind as man and woman, after His image and I believe that sin destroyed that purpose. That is why each of us needs that sin cleansed, something only accomplished by the blood of Christ and each person's request in calling out to the Father for the salvation He freely offers each of us. I have complete peace and comfort each night, as I go to sleep, that my eternal destiny was settled decades ago and should I not awake the next morning, I know I'll be in Heaven. What about you? What are you trusting, other than His plan of salvation? Is your heart crushed by the weight of sin and guilt? There is peace and rest in the person of Jesus Christ. You only need to ask...

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