TV Ratings Report: Revolution Dominates Hawaii Five-0

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It was a rough premiere night for CBS on Monday, with all returning shows down from last year's openers and new sitcom Partners not exactly setting small screens across the country ablaze.

Read on for a ratings rundown, which saw NBC win among 18-49-year olds, ABC win in total viewers and The Mob Doctor likely earn the title of First Show to Get Canceled...

Revolution Promo Pic

8 p.m.
The Voice: 11.93 million viewers
How I Met Your Mother: 8.66 million/Partners: 6.50 million
Dancing with the Stars: 14.58 million
Bones: 7.34 million
The L.A. Complex: 650,000

9 p.m.
2 Broke Girls: 10 million/Mike & Molly: 9.31 million
The Mob Doctor: 3.96 million
The L.A. Complex: 380,000

10 p.m.
Revolution: 9.29 million
Castle: 11.38 million
Hawaii Five-0: 7.97 million

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I don't care what the ratings say about Hawaii 50. In my opinion, it was awesome!!!!!!


Revolution is intriguing, but it really should be on a cable channel like SyFY or TnT, it's being set up as an epic sort of show and those don't do well on network tv. Those shows, like Falling Skies for example, take a long time to get characters established and networks don't allow for that. If Falling Skies had been on NBC it wouldn't have lasted a season. On the flipside you have The Voice and Dancing with the stars still around that's just evil.


Now that I've watched two episodes of Revolution, I can't see it lasting. So far, it's difficult to care about any of the characters, with the possible exception of the guy with the glasses--ah, I looked him up in the IMDB--the character of Aaron played by Zak Orth. I find him intriguing because I wonder how he manages to stay fat in this environment, and then there's the bit about him being a Google millionaire. The sword fighting is also okay. But mostly, it's blah.