Alphas Review: And We All Fall Down

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As "God's Eye" so deftly points out, Alphas sure knows how to churn out jaw-dropping season finales.

Of course, this comes with good and bad. The good being (potentially) awesome stories for next season; the bad? Very much on the bubble in terms of renewal or cancellation, it could very easily join a graveyard littered with sci-fi shows that never had a shot at closure.

Rosen Becomes Delusional

Aside from the incredibly flashy ending, most of tonight was centered far more quietly around our characters, as they continued to wade their way through the moral grey areas that have clouded the team for the duration of the season. Some have clearly hit rock bottom.

Rosen’s journey felt rather cut and dry as he chatted up with a (maybe?) hallucinogenic vision of Dani, and his goal was simple: that he was going to bring an end to Parish no matter what. Yet, when Rosen came face to face with that ultimate decision, he couldn’t do it. While not surprising, it’s still nice to know that Rosen is perfectly capable of going to those dark places, yet he would much rather stay on the right side of his humanity.

Or it could just be that Rosen didn’t want Parish to die a martyr. The plot twist seemed to come out of thin air as Parish is always shown as the man with a plan, and staying out of his vision of a new world seems rather counterintuitive.

Go just a little farther, however, and his admission to Rosen make far more sense. For the entire length of the series, Rosen is the central, Professor Xavier-esque leader of Alphas. His rise to the top culminated last season when he told the world Alphas existed, and in a brave new Alpha-dominated world the only way for a true peace would be the man with the unique ability of bringing Alphas together peacefully.

But the jaw-dropping scene tonight came as Parish’s grand extermination fizzled to just Grand Central Station after the Alphas were able to shut down everything else. I’m really still trying to process all of it. The final moments of the episode were simultaneously captivating and haunting, as every single person except Gary was on the floor, either dead or unconscious from the flash weapon – not even our own Alphas were potentially spared.

This definitely leaves me wanting more. I have so many questions. Is Gary already at Max power since he wasn't affected? Or is he unique in some different way? If they're not dead, aren't the Alphas for all intents and purposes now upgraded with better abilities? If there is a death, who gets to be the unlucky character? It could easily be Skylar, but it could easily be someone on the team. The loss of Dani has shaken up the team, and the stakes of the show, and it would seem hard to believe that all of the Alphas would make it out alive.

Other thoughts:

  • Small moments continue to reign supreme as Nina expressed her feelings for Cameron with a kiss; some girl talk happened at the office even as the fate of the world loomed; and Rosen seemed to find some closure with his vision of Dani.
  • There is something I just can’t shake about this episode. Rosen’s vision of Dani is just feels out of place for a character like Rosen. I wonder if Rosen’s near death experience brought him closer to unlocking a potentially latent Alpha ability. Especially since he essentially downloaded most of Parish’s past memories.
  • Gary’s mother still makes very little sense from a plot development point of view.

What did you think of Alphas' season finale?


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The cameraman gave me a headache. The picture keeps shaking. My eyes hurt.


Just saw the finale here in the UK and really enjoyed it. I totally got the Dannielle thing. Avenging her was the only thing Rosen had on his mind and the weaker he got the more he saw her wherever he looked.
It has been a great season and it really grates the way that shows like this are even considered for cancellation. It is excellent. Just can't fathom why it has hasn't been renewed yet.
All thoughts of plot development aside I must say that Gary gets all the best lines...... Every episode. "I don't like horses, they look confused!"....Brilliant. I would be very sorry to see this show go.


Yea well, we can't ALL be COD fanboys like you, now can we? He acuatlly plays quite well, plus it's a beta/demo (what ever you want to call it.) Can YOU make a video like this and do this good? If not then don't criticize. If you want COD then go play it when it comes out, if you're a Battlefield fan then just kick back and enjoy the video and gameplay.


... one with a totally different agenda - like making more alphas; whereas Parish wants to elevate them and the team will have to switch sides and this will create drama for the team (trusting Parish) espeacially Cameron. I think Kat will regain her memories and be the first to join Parish. As for Gary, he's gonna be his mothers puppet her dormant alpha ability has to be something with controlling and is some how linked to Gary. Bottom line Rosen & Gary go rogue.


I think that every one is alive just unconscious. Could it be possible that all alpha abilities are passed down thru genetics and this explosion will make anyone with the dormant gene alphas. I also speculate that Dr. Rosen is an alpha and probably has the same ability as Parish except Rosen can remember things of the past (so he has no need for Mike) making him a threat to Parish. I think that Dr. Rosen is so intrigued with those with special abilities because he wants to unlock his own, remember the very first episode we Rosen drank Asian Pennywort he said it was an "eye-opener". Studies also say that Pennywort helps with memory, rejuvination, and aging... Maybe Parish somehow put a block on Rosen's ability to prevent Rosen the pain of watching everyone around him die and maybe even remembering all the dirty little skeletons in both of their closets. I think we will be seeing a different Rosen the next season, one with a totally different agenda - like making more alphas; whereas Parish wants to elevate them and the team will have to switch sides and this will create drama for the team (trusting Parish) espeacially Cameron. I think Kat will regain her memories and be the first to join Parish. As for Gary, he's gonna be his mothers puppet her dormant alpha ability has to be something with controlling and is some how linked to Gary. Bottom line Rosen & Gary go rogue.


I hypothesized that perhaps Lee Rosen is a descendant of Stanton. Here's a theory even more bazaar (that I would like even better)........ Maybe Stanton Parish is descended from Lee Rosen. Maybe something like Lee Rosen's great great grandchild. Huh? how could that be? As I said - I believe they are all descended from a common ancestor. Lee Rosen is that common ancestor. He is thousands of years old. Just doesn't remember - Like Kat- his memory is short term or has been wiped. This would explain Stanton Parish refusal to kill him. He has guessed or knows the truth. Lee Rosen has the "look" of someone aged and wise from living for hundreds or thousands of years. While i don't think this will be the case- but it would make for an interesting reveal in last episode, that Lee Rosen is the "original" alpha. Maybe a portrait in a museum of DaVinci or Michelangelo looking like Lee Rosen. LOL just thinking about it. Come to think of it ... maybe Einstein was an Alpha.


I hope there will be a season 3. I think all the alphas we know will awake with enhanced power and some of the other people will awaken with alpha power. Some will not wake at all, they died. I think this because the 2 electricians died in the beginning at the explosion but that one guy didn't and then he screamed. He wasn't an alpha before the explosion was he??
I do wonder if Lee is Stanton's grandson or some kin. Now I do have a question, were Stanton Parish and Dani romantically involved? I may just have to watch the episode over.


I had indicated below that I believe the Alpha ability to be genetic. If so- that means that all alphas might even have a common ancestor. Hmmm Stanton Parish anyone? In one of the episodes Stanton mentions that he had 31 grandchildren. Only 1 still alive. BUT he doesn't mention how many children those 31 had. And then how many children their children had. Could Lee Rosen actually be his great,great grandchild? How's that for a game changer? He seems very fond of Lee. Or perhaps Lee Rosen also has been alive for hundreds of years. After all what do we know about him. Maybe he has been hiding his age?


Agh!!! Why do they do this to us!!!!! If this doesn't get reveiw people we band together and riot!!!! (I know Keemo and ApseeNat will be with me there)Even if they do renew though I'm going to die of suspense while I wait to see what happens. I personally think that maybe Rosen died, because they already showed that the photostim kills people and doesn't bother Alpha's except for increasing their power.
Also Ivan's idea has merit as to why Rosen won't be dead and I agree that someone has to probably die, just because this is a tv show and someone important nearly always dies in the second season (usually in the finale, too) or in rare cases, the third season. It's somesort of universal tv rule.I was going to list some shows this has happened in but then I might ruin shows for people who haven't seen them.
Over all, I really love this show. This episode was phenominal and I really really really really hope they don't cancel it. That would suck. Majorly.

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