Alphas Review: A Complete Fumble

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Just as last week ended things on a somber note for Alphas.

And "Life After Death" continued that theme with muted dialogue and plenty of mourning.

But the results of the episode were mixed. While it did have the desired emotional consequences necessary for the plot, at times things felt purposely paused, and they weren’t pauses used to process Dani’s death, but rather just to fill time. Combine those dragged-down elements with stories that were just out of place, and Alphas completely fumbled the ball.

Malik Fights

So while I can appreciate the idea of Dr. Rosen grieving for Dani in her apartment, his excursion back there felt unnecessary to the plot. There isn't a sense of closure from it, and there isn't a sense of Dr. Rosen really going through any mourning process from it. In fact, it felt like his mourning process was finished the minute he found out Dani was the mole the last time he was at her apartment.

Dr. Rosen’s decision, however, to make a pact with Cameron to do what is necessary to ensure Stanton Parrish is killed versus captured is much more emotionally gratifying because it further sets up the arc Rosen’s been journeying down this season. His emotional weight in that scene had no real reliance on being in Dani’s apartment prior, and that time could have been better used to further flesh out his debriefings with the government.

Speaking of low points, I’m still trying to figure out what the point of the baby storyline with Gary is all about. The symbolism is nice, and who doesn’t want to be reminded that although life is taken away there’s always another life coming into the world? And I can see how this might be seen as humanizing Gary, yet, if that’s the case, that’s not really necessary because Gary is both well developed and very humanized.

So, while the baby is fun it doesn’t fit in with the show. At all.

Rachel and John’s entire sex adventure was also painful to watch at times. I love their relationship, and I love the slow build that is going on between them; I see where Rachel is coming from and their desire to take their relationship to the next level after feeling the aftershocks of Dani’s death... but not like this. Rachel’s complete zoning out during it didn’t make much sense, and her ability continually confuses. Sometimes her senses are in over drive and she can’t control them, and sometimes she’s in complete control of them. There’s no slow and steady progression with them at all.

Two more thoughts:

  1. At least Bill and his wife now have a chance at a family with the little guy.
  2. Nina and Bill’s fight against the baby’s faux parents was pretty awesome, as was Nina’s quote to the fauxmother: Go to sleep, bitch. | permalink


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The only justification of the pause in this episode, that I can see, is budget limitations. I see this as a "bottle episode" to save funds for potential bigger budget storylines later on.


Tyler, because Nina was being held up against the wall by her throat. She could barely breathe, much less speak.


That fight didn't really make sense to me Why did nina hit her with the vase instead of telling her to go to sleep from the very beginning?


One afterthought: I predict a huge twist at the end of the season in the revelation that Rosen is one of Parish's illigitimate children sired through the years. Parish regretted losing Danielle so much because she was one of the few offspring that expressed the Alpha gene. And the baby lab might very well be working with his sperm -- I wonder when Rosen will think of DNA testing?


Complaints about characters' uneven emotional pacing are unfounded. Anyone who has lost a close family member or other intimate loved one understands that emotional journeys out of darkness are never tidy, nor do they provide a clearly defined beginning and ending. I believed Rosen needed to be in Dani's apartment, and both he and Cam's angry sorrow felt very real indeed. Likewise, Rachel's passionate rollercoaster is authentic for anyone who has experienced real dysfunction. (A quick aside: Hints of an underlying theme have been sprinkled throughout the Alphas series, which is that anxiety, fear, doubt and other negative emotions are the cause of power failure, while love and confidence yield exceptional results.) If there's one element in Alphas that's bugged me the most, it's how Rosen is so short and distracted with the people he's supposed to be working with, dropping projects and failing to follow through with developments. But even that I'm willing to forgive, because he is only human.


i love alphas but this season suck. i started watching the show for the procedural aspect but now its all about stanton pariash and rosen is so freaking depressing now, even before dani died. hopefully next season they go back to the procedural element.


I liked the episode but it wasn't my favorite. I understand the Rosen/hicks thing and the rachael/John thing but the baby story line didn't really make since for this episode it seems like they just want a story and just through it in there I don't think it made any since with the episode.


1. No Parish. Outrage! 2. Loved the office stuff and the Rachel/Bennett stuff, jury's out on the Rosen/Hicks stuff.


No offence Alphas, I love this show but you really stole the baby storyline from one of my favourite British shows, Misfits. That was my only gripe with the episode.


Rosen/Hicks and Rachel/John took too much time. I know the baby storyline kept the episode from drowning in angst and tied in with Bill wanting a kid but the ability was very lame. I loved Gary and the baby though.

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Alphas Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Go to sleep, bitch.


Bill: Gary, whose baby is that?
Gary: I don't know, some lady gave him to me downstairs, told me to take care of him.