Arrow Picked Up for Full First Season

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In expected - albeit still exciting - news, The CW has picked up Arrow for a full first season.

Star Stephen Amell Tweeted the announcement this morning, as the drama - which has averaged over 3.5 million viewers each Wednesday through two weeks - will now air a total of 22 episodes in 2012-2013.

Said Mark Pedowitz, President of The CW, in the official statement:

“Our strategy of rolling out our new fall schedule later in the year really paid off for The CW on several levels, especially with Arrow, which was the network’s most watched premiere in three years and is one of the breakout hits of the new season. I’m proud of the quality of Arrow and I’m happy we’ll be able to share more of it with viewers.”

The Green Arrow First Look

Already one of the network's top two programs (along with The Vampire Diaries), Arrow has received rave reviews from both fans of the comic book series on which it's based and those new to the story of Oliver Queen.

It will introduce viewers to Deadshot on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, The CW has ordered three more scripts of both Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens, M.D.

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A smart and wise choice for The CW. Hopefully if it does much better, they'd consider an episode order of 24? Then again, production costs for a show like this would be huge.
As for BATB and EO.MD, I can see BATB getting a full season pick-up in a few weeks, while EO.MD slowly dies out. I like them both, but eventually one will fall and I take it it'll be the one with less ratings and poor time slot.


Hopefully the quality will hold up/improve.


Maybe watching SMG on BTVS ruined supernatural shows for me by setting the bar so high in not only the quality but the acting as well


I watched the pilot and honestly the actors could using an acting coach

Sarah silva

So Excited!


super excited about this news!

Arrow Quotes

You know Oliver, somebody once told me that secrets have weight. The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.


Ra's al Ghul: You tasted death and you wanted more, but the truth is everyone and everything must come to an end. Even for one such as me.
Oliver: Kill me, but spare John Diggle's life. Let him go. I will beg for it.
Ra's al Ghul: You have shown tremendous strength, fortitude, power. No, Mr. Queen. I don't want to kill you. I want you to take my place. I want you to become the next Ra's al Ghul.