Arrow Spoilers: The Debut of Deathstroke

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Following two outstanding episodes, Arrow was picked up by The CW for a full season.

So, what can viewers expect as we move forward with guaranteed installments? The network has released three new weekly descriptions in honor of November Sweeps, as fans should prepare to meet a famous villain and also to flash back to the island again...

Oliver Arrested

October 31 ("An Innocent Man"): Oliver still hasn’t figured out how to get back in Laurel’s good graces, but a late night bonding session with Thea gives him the inspiration he needs. Looking into a suspicious murder case, Oliver realizes an innocent man, Peter Declan, was framed by one of the targets on his list.

November 7 ("Damaged"): Detective Lance arrests Oliver for murder, and DC Comics’ villain Deathstroke appears in a flashback to Oliver’s days on the island.

November 14 ("Legacies"): When a gang of brazen bank robbers dubbed The Royal Flush Gang threaten Starling City, Oliver is forced to confront the scope of his mission and decide whether to stray from his father’s list. Diggle pushes Oliver to look past the list and start helping those who really need him.

NOTE: The CW has also given us an idea of what to expect on other hit shows. Visit our Vampire Diaries spoilers section to see what we mean.

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@alexo'loughlin - The person who shot Oliver is the same one helping him on the island. He said he shot him to protect him. We haven't seen Deathstroke yet.


I was never into comics much outside main stream heroes and villains, but this new cw show arrow has me being a true believer once again, hope they can keep it true to the comics.

Sarah silva

Damn I should not have read this now we know Deathstroke was the one on the island who shot him with the Arrow and we also know Diggle knows who he is which I guessed anyways!


So hopefully the Nov. 14 synopsis means that Diggle knows the bulk of the story by then. I really hope that is true, hopefully it would cut down on some of the cheesy voice-overs if he is able to actually talk to a person.

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