CBS, CW Monday Programs Postponed By Hurricane Sandy

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The CW and CBS will air repeats this evening due to Hurricane Sandy.

With the massive storm barreling toward the eastern seaboard and tens of millions of TVs likely without power tonight, the two networks have opted to push back new episodes of their Monday shows by one week.

Barney Freak Out

Step away from windows and seek higher ground tonight.

CBS confirms it will be airing reruns of How I Met Your Mother, Partners, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0. The CW will air last week's installments of 90210 and Gossip Girl, respectively.

As of this post, ABC still plans to run its Dancing With The Stars live show, followed by an all-new Castle. NBC is going forward with The Voice and Revolution, while Fox is airing an X Factor encore.

Sad as it is to be separated from Steve McGarrett, Barney Stinson, Blair Waldorf and other fan favorites tonight, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and at least you don't have to wonder if your DVR recorded it.

Stay safe, everyone.

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@Dadesh64 - CityTV re-aired the season opener. Another channel played the actual new episode, "The Autumn of Break-Up's". Barney gets a dog, Marshall channels his inner Gail to Lily's Oprah, and other stuff that I won't spoil for everyone.

Sarah silva

I was super bummed no 90210 and H50.....after no episode also last week was really wanting to watch H50. Not sure what 90210 will do as they started the seasons let and they go until end November then have repeats. AS for H50 that will mean 1 less week of repeats.


@joyeful HIMYM was a repeat of the season opener even here in Canada.


I live in Fl and I tried to Watch M&M and it was a repeat. Yeah, they don't cancell in FL or the South when we have bad weather, whats up with that?


@x0xBlairChuckx0x actually i think i might be wrong, because the info does say its ep 4. Guess we have to wait and see!


@m - Oh really? Weird because I saw the info of it was totally ep4. but thanks though, im sad now.


@b yeah GG's finale is on the 17th now.
@x0xBlairChuckx0x much was playing last weeks ep


Does that mean that the series finale of gossip girl will now air on the 17th of December


Weird, GG is playing onmuchmusic too!


So far on ABC all they're showing is coverage of Hurricane Sandy.