Gossip Girl's Dair: It's Over

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If the deluge of eye-popping Gossip Girl spoilers from last week didn't give it away (most likely it did), the controversial romance of Dan and Blair is not being rekindled before the show takes its final bow this fall.

On the heels of these revelations comes a report from E! Online that "the duo formerly known as Dair will barely be interacting in the first half of the season" and "that romance is officially dunzo. For real."

Sorry, Dair Nation. There's always the back half of Gossip Girl Season 5.

Can they still salvage their relationship as friends? Will they at least achieve the kind of closure that Dan deserves after the end of last season? What was your favorite Dair moment? Tell us below.

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Serena and Chuck. Hè thinks Chuck doesn't deserve à girl in this world who is hè to decided something like that


@leslie my point is that Chuck indeed does bad things and hè knows that humprey does bad things maybe apologises but continues to call himself the good Guy that has the best morals. Words are not everything he pretended to bw chucks friend while trying to steal Blair away. In my opinion Chuck knows how bad à mistake hè made with the hotel thing dan keeps thinking that he was right with sending in the video and blaiming


yes we already this dair abomination is over.I can't believe this disgusting thing happened
I would never forgive those writers


@Xoxo You're right, sorry for the name calling! He started writing that book 5 years before it was published, I think it's safe to say that Dan stopped hating Blair after that hallway scene in 1x04 because I never recall Dan saying that he hated after he said the famous quote about Blair being 95 pounds of girlie evil.
He just stopped talking crap from her and took her jabs with ease, and he did write her in flattery kind of way did he not.
I mean if he really hated her he wouldn't writing her in that kind of way, and he knows she's "bitch" (you words not mine) as you put it. He saw Blair in a new light after that but was still wary of Blair's destruction abilities, that's the way I look at it.
But my point is that Dan feel in love with Blair in spite of all her flaws and so did Chuck, just to be fair. (even if he treated her like crap on numerous occasion)


i usually never participate in these arguments but i had to refute this false claim: "he is never willing to admit that he even did something wrong." we must be watching 2 different shows, because i can think of numerous instances where dan has apologized for doing something wrong. for example, in 5x17- dan: "I'm so sorry I lied." and later on: "If you came here to tell me what a horrible person I am, you're too late, I already know." compare that to chuck in 3x17 after the hotel incident: "you went up there on your own," or in 4x21, after assaulting her in the previous episode: "look who finally came to her senses".


@jonas first of all it is rude to call someone you don't even know à dumbass. And we all know Blair is a manipulative bitch . Thats the real Blair from season one and thats when Humphrey hated her and Chuck liked that Blair not à version of her he made up. And about the cheating Chuck doesn't constantly claims he is a great Guy with perfect morals something dan does and he is never willing to admit that hè even did something wrong.


And here comes the first dumbass, the point I was making that he loved the real Blair and not what happened after that. I can explain further to you but I can't make you understand apparently, so why bother. And please that video tape SL was relevant like what, 5 minutes total?
Didin't Chuck have sex with Blair when she was engaged?
And that shame for marriage was on paper only, and you wouldn't mind if it was Chuck.
What happened with no judging anyway, you know that NJBC way of life.


@jonas you mean the Vow he wrote so that Blair could have a perfect wedding and after that he send in the video in which Blair told Chuck how much he loved him . After that hè continues to blaim Chuck and serena for it . So yeah we remember the vow thnx for reminding us. And he kissed a married woman


Dair was a big mistake. No Dan did not really love Blair to whoever said she lost more now than season 5..yeah right..she was so winny and flakey not knowing what she wanted. And Dan her lap dog. But whatever, glad they will never be again.


Blair and Dan are over, or as the term Dair I assume you girls call them. But to all the F-tards out there, Dan loved or loves (I don't reall give a s***) Blair for whom she is and not "Claire" from his book and no one can't explain that away.
Anyone remembers that vow he wrote about Blair?
You know the one that perred into her soul, that was Blair right?

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