Gossip Girl's Dair: It's Over

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If the deluge of eye-popping Gossip Girl spoilers from last week didn't give it away (most likely it did), the controversial romance of Dan and Blair is not being rekindled before the show takes its final bow this fall.

On the heels of these revelations comes a report from E! Online that "the duo formerly known as Dair will barely be interacting in the first half of the season" and "that romance is officially dunzo. For real."

Sorry, Dair Nation. There's always the back half of Gossip Girl Season 5.

Can they still salvage their relationship as friends? Will they at least achieve the kind of closure that Dan deserves after the end of last season? What was your favorite Dair moment? Tell us below.

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My favorite was when Blair left him for Chuck. They never belonged together as a couple; I didn't mind them as friends but nothing more.Blair and Chuck were always supposed to end up together. They're endgame and they have been for the last 6 seasons. The sooner Dair fans realize that the better.


will barely be interacting in the first half of the season Not true. They have some importnant scenes between 6.03 and 6.06.


My favorite moment was when Blair chose Chuck over Dan. #DAIR


LOL my favourite moment was when Blair left him.


The best possible endgame for the series is now gone. This is a truly sad day for Dair fans. In the end though I just wanted Blair to be happy and I suppose I'm getting my wish.


LOL! I wasn't aware people were still holding on to the hope of the ressurection of that nightmare called Ban #dead


YOU DAIR PEOPLE ARE ON CRACK! It's TV...it's not about real life. Bring me drama and steamy Chair sex any day of the week. FRIENDSHIP is where it's suppose to be at and Blair had no business steppin on Serena's first love. CTFO


Hurray to that!


It's so sad, they really should have been endgame... I still believe that they changed the end of season 5!


Any of Blair's scenes in the loft - each one was a piece of a slow, beautiful evolution of friendship to love. If people can't see why that's so superior to the Chuck and Blair soap opera, they legitimately have my pity.

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