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My favourite moment was when Dan holds Blair's hand behind the curtain after Chuck tells Raina she is sacred to him, and that wonderful Alexi Murdoch song 'At Your Door' is playing. I maintain that is the moment he fell for.

Other highlights include the Met steps and Blair's 'Thank you', the amazing 'New York City' scene when Blair goes to Dan's apartment and tells him he has her heart, Age of Innocence 'You know this can't go on. - What can't? - Our being together and not being together' with all the fighting, their first talk in the hallway, 'The kind of opposites who do not attract' scene followed by Dan showing up at Blair's for their first kiss. I could go on and on and on, I love them so much!!

As for what happens to them this season, I don't expect much, so any scenes at all would be good! Already liked their little moments in the first episodes back.


Now I know it's not even worth fast forwarding the show lol bye


FINALLY! bring on chair!!!

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