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Dexter may have taken the easy way to get there, but I very much like where the show ended up at the conclusion of "Run."

First, the quasi cheat: Ray Speltzer was a cartoon killer. He chased women through elaborate mazes? He wore bull masks? He stalked their funerals and mocked both the police and his victims' deaths?

Of course Deb would be on board with his demise. He wasn't written as any kind of believable human being.

Down with Ray Speltzer!

If the show wanted to create a true moral dilemma for Deb and viewers, it would have painted the murderer that came between Dexter and his sister with more of a grey stroke. Imagine if this were Trinity instead of Speltzer.

A despicable human being, of course, but Trinity had a family. He organized Habitat for Humanity-type trips. He actually contributed to society in ways that would have likely given Deb far more pause in response to Dexter's actions than someone who callously and mindlessly kills at every opportunity.

Still. Here we are. Deb is on on Dexter's secret and now she sort of understands it. The exchanges between these two have been nothing short of mesmerizing throughout Season 7.

In this case, Deb called Dex on EVERYthing. Why does he keep blood slides? Isn't he responsible for Rita's murder? How can he place Harrison in such constant danger? Yes, yes and yes! These are the exact questions that need to be asked of the show's protagonist. Dexter is written as a very dark comedy and we're meant to sympathize with the blood spatter (yes, it's spatter) expert - but Deb hit every nail on the hypocritical head this week.

You cannot call yourself a good father while you go around getting deeply involved in the lives of serial killers. Kudos to the series for not holding anything back in this storyline.

As has been the case at the end of every episode so far, I have no idea where things go next. And that's almost all you can ask for when it comes to a drama such as this.

In other developments...

  • Ray Stevenson's Isaak is one sick dude. That forced suicide scene was disturbing and fascinating.
  • He's also one sad dude, having lost his lover, Victor. I appreciate how this arc is being slow-played, with the writers properly placing Deb and Dexter at the forefront and methodically working the mob angle into their lives.
  • What else is there to Hannah McKay? Is she simply crushing on Dexter? Is she hiding something? Planning to use him for some reason?
  • Is Jaime the world's greatest baby sitter or what?!?

As detailed above, I had a few nits to pick over the portrayal of Speltzer and how relatively easy it made for Deb to come around. But this was another terrific episode of Dexter. The series has successfully pushed Season 6 out of my mind and is fulfilling every expectation I had for what would happen once Deb learned of the Dark Passenger.

Great stuff. What did everyone else think?


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The hidden Picture, The pink shirt. what else they would be?

Strawberry fields

Amazing episode. I agree that Speltzer made it extremely easy for Deb to make the first step towards accepting Dexter, but I don't think that Trinity of all people would make it harder. He might have been an exemplary citizen, but he killed Rita and was responsible for Lundy's death too. Trinity was way more personal than some sick guy killing strangers. I love this show for not walking away from important issues, like Rita and Harrison. Deb is amazing. And it's great to see how much Dexter cares about their relationship. Hannah is still creepy. She will end up on the table, I'm sure of it. Isaak works for me as a villain. I have no idea where this whole Russian mob thing will go from now, but it scares the shit out of me.


I thought Victor was his son, based on that picture.


Great season, this is the first season i have actually watched each episode as they came out instead of waiting until the end to marathon.


Speltzer's wearing of a bull mask and his stalking of victims in a maze references a mythic Greek creature, the Minotaur, half-man, half-bull, kept in an elabarote Labyrinth on Crete. As tribute to Crete, every year Athenian youths and maidens would be sent into the Labyrinth and guess who would go after them.... so our latest villain to be despatched by Dexter chose an appropriate model to mirror his own monstruous nature.... half-human, half-"beast." Interesting that when Deb asked Dexter what her gladness at Speltzer's death made her, Dex replied, "you're human." Is Dex himself, with his Dark Passanger, something like the Minotaur? What does it mean to be human? Do we all have a Dark Passanger?


Then again, maybe Victor is Isaac's son and they hid the relationship in order to present no weaknesses to their enemies. Either way, it's very personal.


I agree with . The picture was hidden. I immediately thought lover too. The reviewer is right, Speltzer was tailor made for getting Deb on board. He could not be more evil if he tried. I guess that is why Dexter chose him. He was an easy sell. I think the revelation that Victor wasn't just another employee to Isaac has just given the whole mob mess a needed edge. It's now personal and people have to die for it to end. Quinn is just a disaster, I can't believe his partner supports his decision to date someone that is a part of their investigation into the murder of one of their own. Hopefully, it will end up being worthwhile in terms of information.


I also thought that Victor was his son or some relative. I didnt make the leap to lover, but it will be interesting to see what their relationship actually was...


Unless I'm mistaken the picture was hidden behind another picture. That leads one to believe they were lovers.


umm, how did you get "lover" out of that picture with isaak and victor? couldn't they be related somehow? father/son or uncle/nephew? jumping straight to lovers seems kind of odd.

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