Gossip Girl Producers Ask: Who IS Gossip Girl?

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Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, that's been the secret she'll never tell.

This fall, however, the show's biggest mystery will finally be revealed!

In a new promo teasing the final season, which gets underway Monday night, executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman promise that by the end of the 10-episode farewell, we will have our answer.

The cast members themselves are asked for their theories, which include:

  • Dan
  • Jenny
  • Dorota
  • Blake Lively's dog Penny
  • Vogue editor Anna Wintour¬†

Pretty fun promo, and pretty cool that they're going to answer the question at all. Who do YOU think Gossip Girl is? Someone we know or a character we haven't seen before? Share your guesses below!

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If the dog or some character we never seen before is Gossip Girl thats gonna ruin everything!!!!! thats BS!!!


@nateisthebest, Georgina didn't steal the laptop of Gossip Girl. She hacked her site, just as Serena said to Blair S5 ep23. It was G's laptop with GG's account on it after she became GG 2.0 that she passed on to Serena. Then that's the one that the hooded man stole as the CCTV caught in the brothel. Technically, it was G's laptop that was stolen by GG. hope this helps.


If you ever reveal who the Gossip Girl is... Please tell as well how Georgina got the lap top!


dorota is gossip girl


and if Dan is going to be the GG i thinks he's certified stalker of serena since day1...pshyco???


For a perfect ending, it will be like this: - Chair will be married
- Serenate will find their way to each other hearts again
- Dan will be revealed as Gossip Girl to NJBC but they will protect his identity
- Jenny will be the designer for Waldorf Designs
- Georgina will leave New York
- Ivy will be married to William VDW
- Rufly will be reunited
- Dorota knows its Dan who is GG all along Win-win. All has interesting story lines.


still hoping kristen bells going to cast personally(not over voice) as gossip girl! just give her 1 episode!!! its not going to be Dan its impossible because GG had negative blast for Dan and Jenny before.


@Tinkelbell, high five girl!


I'm pretty sure it's Dan.... Since he told S. that he didn't want to see her ever again now that their parents were splitting up and then GG said about S. "As far as I'm concerned, Serena van der Woodsen doesn't exist." I don't think GG had a reason for that, except if it was Dan who is GG. So, that's one clue... and the other is that on the tape Diana sent, a male figure is seen and searches for the laptop while we know Dan was at that party that night. Besides, Dan is a writer and GG is pretty poetic at times. I REALLY think it's Dan, it's just a gut-feeling :)


Dan is Gossip Girl!

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