Gossip Girl Season Premiere Review: Do. That. Again.

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Stephanie Savage, where have you been all these years?!

Gossip Girl returned for its sixth season tonight, and the premiere, written by Savage and co-executive producer Josh Schwartz, conjured up memories of the show's glory days, while setting the stage for this final chapter.

"Gone Maybe Gone," the first episode under new show-runner Sara Goodman and the first written by Savage since 2010, revived the entire series in 42 minutes and raised expectations for Gossip Girl going out on top.

If we're placing our bets, the next nine weeks look bright.

Blair, Dan and Georgina

Ironically, Gossip Girl's decline over Seasons 4 and 5 may help produce the conclusion its fans are pininv for (if the show builds on the premiere, of course). With just 10 episodes to go, its focus has sharpened.

There's only one story arc remaining for each character, and it's going to be the best the producers can come up with. It might still disappoint, but if the premiere was any indication, Season 6 will be a fitting sendoff.

The opening song was even "Hang It Up" by the Ting Tings. Fitting. From Gossip Girl's references to this being her last season, classic inside jokes and anything coming out of Georgina's mouth, the spark was back.

"Gone Maybe Gone" was what we always hope Gossip Girl will be, pushing the characters' boundaries while uniting them in a common goal - or at least plot, as Dan and Georgina's motives weren't exactly in line with hte NJBC's.

There were some OMG moments (one in particular, which we'll discuss shortly), some new mysteries introduced and too many hilarious lines to count. When was the last time you laughed so hard during a CW drama?

The episode began in the immediate aftermath of the Season 5 finale, treating fans to one of the all-time Chair sex scenes and a gross visual of Serena OD'ing before jumping ahead four months to the present day.

So much transpired over this entertaining installment that it's tough to keep it all straight. Let's break down where we've been and where (we think) we're going in the next nine weeks by character/couple:

Chuck and Blair are together, but apart. In some ways, this is a weaksauce way of dragging out the inevitable, but they did a pretty good job selling us on the sincerity of the "pact" in the limo at the end.

Perhaps they truly do need to establish themselves as individuals before investing in the relationship full time, given their history of breakups and heartbreak. One can understand Dan's POV here though.

The combination of being dumped with no closure in May, then learning Blair and Chuck are kind of not together was too much for our favorite Muppet, and he let his one-time lover have it in Poughkeepsie.

Even if you're a card-carrying member of Team Chair, and acknowledge that Dan can be a pretentious douche at times, it was hard not to nod along with some of his points. Who wouldn't be bitter over that?

She followed her heart, though, and that was always with Chuck Bass. Their heart-to-heart showed how badly they're all in, even if it requires frustration, patience and walking it off in the interim.

Soon enough, that ring will be on her finger. It's just a matter of time.

Sexy Chair Look

The episode gave us only a brief glimpse of Blair's role with Waldorf Designs, while Chuck's quest to expose/topple Bart was a greater focal point and introduced us to an intriguing new character in Amira.

Does she really have no idea what Bart's deal is/was? Despite him paying the Dubai native $10 million to keep quiet? And will Chuck avenge his humiliating demotion last season by dethroning Bart once and for all?

As long as Amira remains a business accomplice and that's it, we can't wait to find out. Taking Bart down won't be easy (we're hoping Jack gets in on it), but it's great to see Chuck positioned as the underdog.

Nate also made a new acquaintance this week in Sage, an ambitious young student profiling his role with the Spectator. Big surprise, it looks like Nate's streak of dating cute girl on the show will continue.

Despite trading the video of Gossip Girl in exchange for Serena's whereabouts, his quest to unmask her (him?) is far from over. But it begs the question: How did GG know where she was in the first place?

Dan and Georgina began the night under the Tuscan sun, and the banter between the bitter novelist and his slave-driving co-conspirator was priceless. Even Dan can't believe how crazy this chick is.

Thanks to her sleuthing, they picked up Serena's trail and joined the rest of the gang, though their objective was quite different. At least hers was. Deep down, some part of Dan still cares for S. G? Not so much.

The references she made to the Serena sex tape were significant foreshadowing. Even if it is Fifty Shades of Boring, that video could cause all sorts of trouble when it's revealed. The only question is how and when.

Watching Blair go off on/get rattled by Georgina is awesome too. Forget the presidential debates. Sparks vs. Waldorf is a far more entertaining war of words, one we surely haven't seen the last of. Thank goodness.

Serena and Husband-to-Be

Serena, or Sabrina if you will, has completely reinvented herself after hitting rock bottom. Whatever her past faults, she seems happy and healthy in her new life ... even if she's operating under an alias.

You knew she wasn't actually getting married, and you also know there's a twist coming with Steven. It makes sens that she would seek comfort in an older, established man, given her obvious daddy issues.

We just hope she doesn't get hurt, or that if she does, her estranged BFF has ber back. The Blair and Serena friendship has been central to the show from the start, and it's not in a good place now.

With S back in NYC, hopefully repairs can be made, and the NJBC can have one last fall full of joint adventures. When things inevitably fall apart with Steven, will Dan or Nate be there to break her fall?

Dan totally deserved that slap, but don't rule out a Derena reconciliation once he comes to his senses. Those pulling for a Nate-Serena reunion have a case to make as well, even if it's a long shot.

Lily and Bart are officially back together, leaving her other husband on the outs. Like father, like son. Lily's not winning any awards for parent or spouse of the year. Speaking of which, that brings us to ...

Rufus and Ivy. Yeah, that happened. Creepy as it was for obvious reasons, you almost can't blame Rufus for being flattered. Someone was actually nice to him! How could he not be moved by this rare occurrence?

If Lily and Rufus are to patch things up by the end of the season, there will certainly be obstacles. Such as when she finds out he really is nailing Lily's fake-impostor-niece girl. How old is Ivy exactly?

The real question here - as it has been since she first showed up on the UES - is what Ivy's deal is. The voicemail she left for Lola (filming an NBC pilot, wink) proved there's a plot at work. But what?

All in all, a strong start to the final chapter. Here's next week's promo:

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? Discuss below!


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There was some good stuff in this episode. Chuck's "fake died" explanation to Amira made me laugh my ass off. Bringing Bart really was insane and at least the show can poke fun of it. The Dan and Georginia banter was great as was Nate/Chuck/Blair playing scooby doo. The C/B jealousy angle did work but, damn, they're waiting for each other AGAIN? A legitimate secret relationship would've been a better road to go down. The hints of Dair? Oh come on!! The conclusion was certainly needed and Blair deserved that dressing down (though Dan didn't mention his little romp with Serena before Dair was done - whoops - lol). If Bart hadn't died, I might've liked the whole Serena/Bart/Rufus/Ivy dynamic but...he DID die! So it's all simply weird. When I pretend Bart Bass' funeral happened, I like Lily as a Bass. Plus putting Ivy and Rufus together was good because they've been irrelevant for a long time. It works somehow. I agree that it wasn't the best episode but was faaaaar from the worst. Gossip Girl standards the last 1.5 seasons its a solid B tbh. Now if they can at least keep up this pace, the series might not end with a bang but it could go out decently.


Anybody get the impression that Sage may be Gossip Girl or someone close to Gossip Girl? With only nine eps, you would think that the writers and producers wouldn't just add this cute girl for Nate to date without helping his story in some way? His story is clearly unmasking gossip girl and making the spectator the only paper in the world...
Good episode, but Georgina was more comic relief than her evil genius self so I really hope that she has a greater story.
I hope this series ends with Ivy being blown up into a million and one pieces. She's just yuck.


I admit I loved Chair but I was prepared for going in a Dair direction this season if it meant an end to the most painful love triangle (rectangle? hexagon? what was that shit anyway??) EVER. Seriously, I was all down for Chuck and Ivy. But these show runners can't commit. Doesn't Blair love Gone With the Wind after all? I'd love for both Chuck and Dan, after Blair ping ponging endlessly between them (and a French prince haha) to tell her "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"! @Rebekah I agree with you. I used to love Blair Waldorf. She owned her bitchiness, was funny and loyal. But now? she's just a flaky bitch and it was a huge mistake to make her the focal point of the series season 5 onward. Or at least the romantic focal point. That worked better for Serena, sorry to say !


On the plus side, the guys looked hot. Penn looks so much better without the Jeff Buckley hair! And Nate? Yum yum. Also love when they put Chuck in crazy suits. All 3 boys and all the girls looked fine. Yea I'm shallow but pretty people is the only reason to watch this show! Oh and Rivy is kinda hot! lol


I also agree that Blair should end up alone.
I've never seen the appeal of her character. She's very stuck up and she really only cares about herself with the exception of maybe Serena.
Dan and Chuck can both do much, much better.


I'm with those who think Blair should end up alone. I mean the pact with Chuck bs and then backpedalling because she was flattered by Dan? There are no words. It was old last season, it's really old now! Ancient! They need to pick a guy for Blair and move the eff on!! Dair v. Chair was one (just one of, lol, there were many ) of the things that ended up ruining this stupid show and it certainly poisoned the fandom which used to be fun. So, yea, get Blair together with Chuck early, give Dair some closure (or the other way around - I don't give a sheeit) or have both guys say they've had enough of her bull! Now that would be a fitting and hilarious ending...and sadly it won't happen!


Dan's new haircut is hot!
I felt so bad for him when he walked in on his dad and Ivy.
Chair are annoying and I really don't care about their storyline. They should have ended up together 2 seasons ago and just stayed together. It would have been great for the show having them scheming together as a married couple. I didn't like Dair much either, although I found their relationship to be more meaningful and realistic. I preferred them as friends though because their friendship was adorable.
As someone who usually hates Georgina, I really loved her in this episode. Her insane theories about Serena being in a cult were hilarious.
The season is off to a good start for the first time since season 3.
I really hope we get some bromance scenes between Dan and Nate this season!


This episode wasn't great or bad.Serena seems happy with this new guy nd i like it.She doesn't want to be friends with blair again? GOOD but she is TOO nice to blair, i would have slapped her if i were serena.Dan is a pathetic loser, blair will NEVER love him, i thought the writers will give dan some dignity but we will see him move on by now but no, they always manage to ruin his character even more.I hate this guy more and more every day, i didn't think it was possible.I don't mind rufus and ivy and i wonder what bart is hidding.


Blair always be the reason i watch the show,,and love blair and georgina when they talked.,


I need to watch this again because the streaming sound sucked, but from what I could appreciate, maybe it wasn't the best episode in GG history but it wasn't the worst either. The beginning went straight to the point, the other parts introduced us to what the future storylines will be. Although I'm not so sure it's a good idea to use the jeaulosy resource once again for Chuck and Blair, in terms of chemistry it worked. Their scenes together and with Nate were golden. Dan with Georgina is funny, at least it's better than several of his season 5 scenes. For the moment, it seems Steven's biggest secret is his daugther, btw what's up with her? What's her problem? She has to know Nate is older than her. Serena lying about her name wasn't the best solution but at least it make sense where she came from, she even managed to be mad with N and C (with N it made more sense than with C). A bigger secret is Bart's because we can't know what's going on yet. Rivy was totally awful.

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[to Blair] In the past, I blamed my mistakes on you - Bart was right on that count; it's the boy that blames the girl, not the man. And that's what I want to be with you.


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Chuck: Thank God I'm an atheist.