Gossip Girl Series Finale Set Pics: Where is Chuck?

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Is Chuck Bass' absence from hundreds of Gossip Girl set photos surfacing online a cause for concern? Given that the show is currently filming its series finale, the speculation is running rampant.

There are countless images floating around (which we have not posted here due to copyright issues) that appear to show the gang in a somber mood, with Chuck nowhere to be found. So ...

GG Set Shot

Is it possible Ed Westwick's character dies? Or we're led to believe that he might have?

Not so fast. Other witnesses claim a scene was filmed at The Empire rooftop involving Chuck, Blair and Bart, with a body falling off the roof - most likely Bart's. Do we know if this rumor is at all valid?

It's impossible to say at this time, but you can draw your own conclusion. All we know right now is that Chuck does not appear in any season finale set pics that we've seen. Plot details are unclear.

There are many plausible explanations for why this is, but we'd caution against believing whatever buzz dominates the day's discussion. If and when we know more concretely, we'll pass it along!

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Hey guys! I visited set this morning and Chuck was there in a white suit. Definitely not dead.


I'm sorry but I think we have the right to express what we feel, doesn't mean we're Dair shippers, I used to be but I really believe that Blair doesn't deserve Dan, he loved her with all his heart, and last episode he just said the truth: Chuck and Blair always have excuses for not being together, that's not real love to me. And I really believe that they should not marry, I'm sorry but I really don't see Chuck happily married for 40 years and having three kids, the Chair relationship is dramatic so I don't see a happy ending for them unfortunately.


If they kill Chuck at the end, it will be the most boring season finale, they try to kill Chuck so many times. It's getting old.


The finale looks boring, IMO, I'm thinking Chuck is killed and Blair will still have a part of him with her (the baby). Not excited about Katie Cassidy AT ALL.


And just so you know it, Dair-fans, Blair never even said "I love you" to Dan. And the producers know that if they kill Chuck off, there is gonna be lots of angry fans, and it would make no sence to do it. GO Chair!!!


Okay first of all I thought this was Gossip girl not pretty little liars so stop killing people and secondly. Even though I'm a massive gossip girl fan like legit >< so obsessed with it and ill never get sick of it ever ; even read the books anyways my point is ... Gossip girl fans minus me are so annoying like you guys just fight over who should be with whom and making ridicules plot lines one who is rasing who's child and his son child who's father like seriously guys get over it... No one cares about dair they were a mistake their better off as friends anyways rather than a relationship... And another thing there are Rhodes fans who find serena and Dan bein together gross because their legally related by marriage ... Dude they were together before they know about their parents and their not blooms relate ; yes they share a brother so what?! It's gossip girl what can't b messed up with that? If Serena's dad slept with her aunty ... Serena and Dan can be together... But to me the endgame is already Serena and Nate ; Dan and Vanessa ; chuck and Blair OR Jenny and Nate ; Serena and Dan and chuck and Blair :3


No one should die. Why can't they end the show on a happy note. I guess we all just got to wait and see how the show ends.


OMFG!!! You guys are so pathetic. Just because there was seen a body fall down from the roof, doesn't mean that it was Chuck who killed him. Maybe Jack got involved, or maybe wanted to kill hijm self. Everything is possible, when it comes to Gossip Girl producers and writers. AND you Dairshippers, you should really get over Dair. They're done! End of story. Chuck and Blair are engaged, and they gonna get married and have lots of babies, which isn't gonna be raised by Dan. So you should really get over it, or find a new hopeless, pathetic ex-relationship to have hopeless fantasies about!!!

Spindae 2o

If they want they can kill Chuck everyone will be mad, but who cares it's the END! SO I WOULD SAY SHOCK USSSSSSS!

Spindae 2o

I always thought Serena would die at the end! She is so selfdestructive!