Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What is Nate's Card?

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In this sneak preview clip from Monday's Gossip Girl season premiere, Serena is still missing and Blair is worried that her estranged BFF may hurt herself. She and the rest of the NJBC are at a loss as to how to track her down.

Nate Archibald, fortunately, still has a card to play.

That card clearly involves Gossip Girl, who they're convinced knows about S' whereabouts even if she hasn't posted them, and who Nate has set out to unmask. What's Nate's plan, and how do you predict it will play out?

Check out the sneak peek and comment below:

B seems to finally realize how far apart she and Serena have drifted after the events of Gossip Girl Season 5, while Chuck is doing what he can to comfort his love and Nate's actually using his brain! Bring on Season 6!

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@ Sarah, you are absolutely right, I agree with you!


I hope serena and blair will never been friends again.I think blair really crossed the line last year.She deserves to lose her friendship that she took for granted all these years.She treats serena like crap and i am so sick of watching S forgiving blair all the time.


SERENATE til the end! Haha


@ Marco, scenery that representing Dan’s loft, Blair’s apartment and Lily’s apartment were disbanded on the 3rd October. Now they shooting episode 6x10, and events in it, and the finale perhaps will be played in the country club. In season 6 Blair has office, and on the wall are 4 photos. Serena is on the first, on the second and third are Serena and Blair and on the fourth shows Blair's ring on her left hand!


@zoran oh my god WHAT there shooting the finale Already D; oh my god :( its all coming to a close >< and it season 6 hasn't even started yet D;


@ G. Singular, you're wrong! I have come to terms with the fact that Serena and Dan will not be together at the end, and you should do it too. Now they shooting episode 6x10 and there is no indication that Serena will be at the end with Nate or Dan. It seems that Auselio was right that Serena will be with Stephen in the end!


Scene is perfection. A thrill brought to us by NJBC minus S. For DERENA fans look it here: Dan - scheming with G and writing against S. Malnourish douchebag!
Nate - helping S by investigating GG. Shiny golden knight boy! It's not too late to shift ship. SERENATE for endgame, it could work!


My Gosh I can´t wait!! Loving the NJBC interaction I hope that just as Blair and Chuck, Serena and Nate end up together that would be perfect for me I just can´t help but love both couples they are the heart of the show.


Good for you Nate! At last you're using that shiny and beautiful head of you! I don't care if he make it but is trying. For Chair it's okey unless someone sold someone again, I guess they can be together...
I WANT A GOSSIP GIRL MOVIE! Or another idea: since almost all the cast has some kinda musical background, they should do GOSSIP GIRL: THE MUSICAL!!! I'm teasing, but actually I'd buy tickets for that! LOL.


Blair finally realized what she did to Serena at the end of season 5, and it remains to realize that the same Dan. Card that is mentioned here and which will be used Nate that NJBC found Serena is video that to Nate sent Diana / Indiana at the end of season 5. @b you're right it's that video, and Nate is going to use it to blackmail the GG to get information of where is Serena. However, GG does not know where Serena is, because the answer Nate got is - SVDW is dead! What is actually true, as far as Serena is now Sabrina! To me it is very interesting that Serena used the name of Sabrina, which Dan used in his book Inside to describe her.

Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Blair] In the past, I blamed my mistakes on you - Bart was right on that count; it's the boy that blames the girl, not the man. And that's what I want to be with you.


Georgina: He's Protestant. I do my best work with Catholics.
Chuck: Thank God I'm an atheist.