Grey's Anatomy Clip: Like a Boss

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In a new sneak peek from Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, which picks up after one of the three sneak peeks we posted over the weekend, Alex's intern Jo loses it in front of her boss when he gets testy with her.

How did that go down and how does she react? The answer might surprise you.

Check out the scene from "Love the One You're With" below ...

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Does anybody else think that she looks like Izzie? They are definitely gonna end up together!


Forgot to say all her academic achievements remind me of Lexie. I don't want a Lexie or Izzie clone on GA or as Alex's gf


YEs, this is Alex's intended. Her nickname should be 'cry baby' or 'streaky mascara' or 'tissue box'


Obviously she doesn't want Alex and so he's gonna go after her, and they'll end up together.


Hate her, snap!


i like her for alex if izzie (katherine heighl) is impossible to return... i believe in shonda's capable of liking each and every character of GA.


i do not like her..


So they are apperntely getting together

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I can not get used to having them in the attending's lounge.


Glad you're back.


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