Grey's Anatomy Promo: Bringing Sexy Back

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When Grey's Anatomy returns October 18 (it's off next Thursday due to the Vice Presidential debate), the survivors from the crash are asked to make an almost impossible decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, tension grows between Jackson and April as they're forced to work together, and Alex tries to restrain himself with one of the interns ... but we swear, there will also be some lighter moments!

Sexy ones, from the looks of the promo for "Love the One You're With" below ...

For more on last night's emotional episode, follow the link for our Grey's Anatomy review, along with Shonda Rhimes' personal thoughts on Arizona and the storyline that has only begun for Jessica Capshaw.

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Out of the new interns I certainly find Dr. Heather Brooks to be the most interesting. She is also the one intern I could see getting involved with Alex Karev.I do believe there's maybe more to her than first meets the eye... As for Karev and Jo Wilson, I don't particularly like that pairing. I just can't see that ending in a serious long term relationship, and to me the pairing would somehow seem forced, or like the writers can't really be bothered to write an interesting storyline for Karev's character -which he so deserves! - I don't know, I just can't feel any sparks there? And as for a similarity to Izzie? I can't see that - and I don't think an Izzie-copy would work as a love interest for him, anyway. I really hope they come up with some worthwhile story lines for Karev...


I don't understand how all of a sudden everyone is all happy again. The first 2 episdoes show that THERE is a LOT of issues people need to deal with. But in true Shonda fashion lets ignore the problem and have sex. I was looking forward to seeing Arizona's storyline, but from the spoilers for the next 2 episdoes I will surprised if Arizona says more than 10 words all episode or 60 seconds of screen time. I am sorry but if you are committed as Shonda says she is to telling this story than tell the story don't dance around it, in order to do that the character the storyline is about needs to get actual nscreen time.I feel like instead of focusing on Arizona Shonda is going to be focusing on Callie. I can Meredith and Derek being somewhat happy, and Bailey, and maybe Avery if he can talk April into believing that he actually has feeling for her. That leaves half the cast as not happy. I am hoping that this season is going to be better than I think it is cause my standards are very low at the moment. And to think this used to be my favourite show until season 9 started. Rant over


Stop, wait a second here, excuse me did nobody listen to the promo or did I dream that but is there a chance for a big romance between Jackson and April? Could it be that we get a wedding with a real white puffy wedding dress for Christmas? :-)


The MerDer hospital kiss was in 9.01.
But there seems to be a MerDer scene in their new bedroom in the dream house. How many years have we been waiting for this??


mark and lexie died. who cares?! let's have sex. ugh.


I love Tina Majorino and it would be great to have her on Grey's but my biggest wish is for Izzie to come back! I know that it is completely unrealistic (along the lines of flying pigs unrealistic) but I miss her and Alex. He was soooo much more likeable with Izzie. Sighh! Oh well, Heather would be great for him, especially if it kept Tina on the show.


For some reason, I'm hoping for Alex to have a relationship with Dr. Heather Brookes. I'm not sure if I like the actress for her quirky nature or because she was amazing on True Blood, but if Shonda is pushing for Alex to find a love interest I hope it's her! I'm not really a fan of Dr. Jo Wilson or Shane, but I'm kind of warming up to that other intern Stephanie.


really excited for arizona's storyline..


I realize everyone has been clamoring for bringing the romance back, and that it has always been a big part of Grey's. I'm not against it. I just want to see patient stories again, as well. I liked when they were tied into what was happening between the doctors. Please, Shonda? I've shown you patience, now please show me some patients!

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