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Seems like a great episode coming up.


must be miserable for cristina and they're making it worse


Even is chris is going to do that guy shell be back with hunt, love them


Unfortunately, I think the guy she's sleeping with is precisely the McCheater. Why doesn't she divorce him and let him in the world of skanks?
He likes to go there, so stay there and leave Cri alone.


Hope Cris kick hunt's ass and start moving on with this new Parker guy on the block. Forget the Mcass.


sookie, I think April was supposed to be trauma


Yeah seems indeed that April might be an attending now... could it be because there is a lack of attending ? (With Sloan dead, Arizona and Derek too injured to work, and Teddy gone ?)

But I was also wondering : what is Kepner's specialty ? We all know what the others do, e.g. plastics for Avery, Cardio for Yang etc. What about April ?!?


With her hair like that, Sandra Oh looks SOOOO much like Mulan when she's playing Ping. It's uncanny!


Can anyone tell me WHY Kepner is an attending?! Didn't she fail?


It is a sin for Avery to put on a shirt. Hotttttt

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