Hart of Dixie Review: Leprosy, Armadillos and Video Games

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I have to say, "If It Makes You Happy" opened with the most beautiful scene - and that was Wade shirtless. To the director of that episode, keep up the good work.

The Hart of Dixie crew knows it has six special assets which are, of course, Wilson Bethel's abs. You could wash clothes on those babies! Now that I've spent enough time talking about his perfection, let's talk about the actual episode. 

For the first couple installments of this season I noticed a definite tone change. It went from a more dramatic and serious to comedic and light-hearted. It was a welcome shift. Tonight, we got somewhat of a break from this, with focus moving back to the series side of life in Bluebell.

Zoe Find an Error

The first scene in particular stands out.

After Brick crashed George's date in the most obnoxious way, they had a screaming match outside of the restaurant and then in came Lavon to the rescue. It was in this moment we saw just why Lavon is such a good mayor and why he needs to stay in that office.

Then we had the emotional moment when both George and Brick bared their soul to each other, so-to-speak. This broke my heart and made me love Brick Breeland more than I already do. Not only did George break his daughter's heart, he admitted that his heart was broken too. Poor Brick! Now go fly to Emily to make it all better! 

The second emotional scene was the one between Annabeth and Lemon. I was disappointed in the digression that was made with Lemon this week. Last week she was ready to be on her own, move on, and forget about George... but here she was back at square one. She couldn't bare the thought of George dating someone and made it her mission to beat him. I had a big problem with this at first and then at the end Annabeth said was I was thinking: that when Lemon set her mind to something, she could do it and was capable of doing it. Good call Annabeth.

As I have in my past two reviews, I will take a moment to talk about how much I love Ruby! Even though her storyline is looking to be more of the antagonist side, I adore her even more. Tonight, while Ruby was hitting on hottie dentist, she had so much confidence and swagger. Then when she admitted that she loves to beat Lemon at everything, I laughed so hard!

Ruby has an attitude and she doesn't even care. I love it. Her character is going to be so good on this show and even if she turns out to be the "bad guy" Ruby will keep the plot moving forward. If you don't see it now, you will. 

Then there is Zoe and Wade. I have been so angry at Wade for being so childish in the past two episodes, but tonight it changed. It started when he agreed to help Zoe with the Leprosy scare and especially when he was with his dad. Earl admitted that Wade had been talking about Zoe and this was one of the most adorable moments in the episode. Towards the end, when Wade made his long speech to Zoe about happiness, it was like in a blink of an eye Wade was an adult and was giving honest to God advice.

This needs to happen more, otherwise I don't want to see Zoe with Wade, she deserves more than the childish version of him. 

I have to be very honest and say that I didn't care about Zoe's personal plot line in this episode. To be completely honest, I normally don't care. The supporting character -: Lavon, Lemon, Brick, Annabeth - those are the stories I want to see more of. My favorite moments from tonight was Lemon asking Lavon to be his campaign manager. YES! These two are my favorite dynamic and I've been waiting for a reason for them to have more scenes together. I'm so excited.

The only thing that disappointed me was that Rose wasn't in the episode. I really want more of her! I know that Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney will be guest starring soon (my guess is episode 7) as Rose's friend, so I look forward to seeing that storyline play out. McKayla said that her character is kind of a mean girl; exciting! I also may be overexcited and bias about McKayla because quite frankly the girl is awesome.

Overall, tonight was pretty decent. We are still in the "setting up" episodes and I have no doubt we all will be happy with how it plays out, at least I hope. (*Crosses fingers for a Lemon and Lavon romance*.)


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Loved everyone's story last night! I feel like that there is starting to be more to Wade and Zoe than just a "Friends with benefits" situation. I love Crazy Earl and hope we get to see more of him. Sal also at the start of the episode was funny. I loved when he told Zoe last season that she was like a "Doctor detective" I started out liking Ruby but after last night not so much! I miss Shelly too, where is she?


Really enjoyed last night episode.I love Crazy Earl, hope we get to see more of him this season. Sal as well at the start of the episode was funny too. I love when he told Zoe last season that she was like " A doctor detective" Love the Brick/George story, Lemom and Annabeth and Tom. As someone else said, I think that last night we saw that Zoe and Wade could be more than just a freinds with benefits type thing. Don't like Ruby! Miss Shelly and Rose!


SPOILER - This is for the Halloween episode but as soon as I read it I thought - need to share that with all the HoD lovers in TVFanatic :)
"Zoe (Rachel Bilson) begins to notice some odd occurrences happening in her home. She is shocked to discover that the culprit is George (Scott Porter), but she soon realizes that he may have a sleepwalking issue. Concerned for his safety, they decide to conduct a sleep study, forcing her to cancel her big plans with Wade (Wilson Bethel)" ....as soon as I saw "big plans" a smile came over my face :D ...maybe they were trying to go on a first date or one of them has invited the other as their date to a Halloween event? Hopefully they still get to it but I hope the writers also don't lose the hilarious and yet sweet opportunities their first date could have :)


@Marisa - Personally, I feel they did far too good a job showing that Lemon and Lavon were very important to each other at a time in their lives when they (especially Lemon) needed someone and now they've realized it wasn't meant to be more and they've both moved on. I'd much rather see them be friends than go backwards in characterization and try to force something between them again. They never really had much romantic chemistry, IMO, anyway. Plus...I'm still rooting for Lavon/Tancy. And for Lemon to grow as an independent character and not be defined by which guy she's dating.


As for Lemon and Lavon, I don't agree with you T, I think they never really had their chance since Lemon was with George. Now that she's single and evolving, who knows?


Like I said yesterday I hate Ruby but I realised she has a purpose on this show. Now that Lemon is evolving and becoming more and more likeable, they need a new "villain". Remember on Glee when Sue started being nice? They haven't replaced her by a new villain and it made the show less interesting. So as much as I hate Ruby, I think it's probably better she stays.


I didn't mind at all about Lemon "backsliding" from being prepared to face the world on her own to being upset about George dating someone else before she did. Isn't that totally normal right after getting out of a very long relationship, especially one that was supposed to lead to marriage? One day you are in control and think ending it was for the best, the next day you feel insecure and left behind. ESPECIALLY in a small town, where everybody knows your business! Personally, I found the idea of Lemon going to live on a houseboat hard to believe. Like she would tolerate the bathroom situation??


I really dont want a Lemon/Lavon romance. I just dont. I'm hoping lemon & George eventually work it out. I like them together. George doesn't deserve her just yet though.
Wade & Zoe, i hope slow things down soon. Love them. I just don't want too much too soon. I like seeing them work together. I hope Wade does still open his own bar or take over the Rammer Jammer.
Overall GREAT episode:)

Sarah silva

For once there were moments where I found Lemon likeable, when she was on the house boat and when she went to ask Lavon if he wanted a campaign manager and when she realized forcing yourself to like someone was not a way to get over some one. (another lesson/meaning)
Side note: I think that Scott Porter did not get heavier I think he just bulked up over the summer as he has huge biceps this season.

Sarah silva

This was probably one of my favorite episodes in a long long time! Maybe even ever.
I liked how there was meaning in this episode: Moving on from heartbreak, not living in the past and perhaps the most important meaning came from Wade and telling Zoe that her life may not be what she had planned but if she gives it a chance it could be better than she had ever imagined. (or at least that is what I got from his speech to her).
I have been team Wade since episode 1 but I was a little annoyed last season how immature they made him and Zoe trying to one up each other and also he was mean to her at times but I have to say I love him again this season as much as I did the first half of last.
I also love that the end we had a huge step for Woe/Zade fans!
I also really liked the moment with George and Brick that brought a tear to my eye.
For once there were moments where I found Lemon likeable, when she was on the house boat and when she went to ask Lavon if he wanted a campaign manager and when she realized forcing yourself to like someone was not a way to get over some one. (another lesson/meaning)
Side note: I think that Scott Porter did not get heavier I think he just bulked up over the summer as he has huge biceps this season.

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