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After Saul watched Brody's video at the end of last week's episode, I stated that Homeland was coming out the gates fast.  Ending "State of Independence" with Saul showing said video to Carrie makes it more like warp speed.

The Walking Dead virtually spent an entire season making us watch their gang of survivors hang out on a farm doing nothing.  Sons of Anarchy dragged out Jax finding out about what happened to his father for multiple seasons.  Many shows spend too much time not wanting to do much too quickly.

Now that Carrie has seen the video that proved she was right about Brody, the same can't really be said about Homeland.  They are throwing punch after punch, and it has been a joy to watch.  Sure, because of this style, the series might run out of steam at some point, but for now it's one of the reasons it is as entertaining as anything on television.

Carrie and Saul at Work

Not only was seeing that video another gigantic moment in the run of this series because it turned the plot yet again, but it also saved our heroin heroine.  I know Carrie threw up those pills in the here and now, but if things continued the way they were going, should we assume something like that wouldn't have happened again?

She wasn't doing well.  But even more so than the smile she donned after getting back into the groove in the season premiere, her smile after realizing she was right about Brody all along might have been what gets her back to feeling a bit more normal and a bit healthier in the noggin.

I hope we get an explanation about what happened with the video sometime in the near future.  The first scene showed Saul losing it in the airport when his bag was searched, and he seemed upset about it (of course he could have been feigning the emotion).  Then he shows up at Carrie's casually carrying what seemed like the same file.

Was there a duplicate?  Did he get it back from those who took it?  Did he plan to let them take it, because it was a fake?  I'm sure there are plenty of explanations for what happened, but I just think it was too momentous of an occasion for us not to get one.

UPDATE: Apparently I was taking notes during the scene in which it was revealed that Saul was using a fake.  That makes a lot more sense now.

Meanwhile, Brody spent almost the entire hour out in the middle of nowhere, changing tires and snapping tailors' necks.  Okay, one tailor.  What made all of his scenes so great to watch is the fact that he is this hero of a congressman.

He's sneaking around the tailor's shop in a red cap, and he's a congressman.  Brody's chasing after a terrorist tailor in the woods with dirt all over his face, and he's a congressman.  He's on the phone with his wife, trying to stop the bleeding of a man he was fighting with, and he's a congressman.  It just adds so much to the severity of every situation he's in.

My question for Brody, regarding his idiocy, is why when the tailor started screaming would you take your cell phone closer to him?  And then why would you wrestle with him while your phone is in your other hand?  Common sense would have told me to go further from the screaming, dying man so that the person on the other end of the phone couldn't hear him.

It led to that awesome moment when Brody was forced to snap the dude's neck, so I was ultimately okay with it.

Finally, Morena Baccarin might have put forth her best performance on Homeland yet in "State of Independence."  Not because of that mediocre speech that Jessica got rave reviews for, but for that puffy 80s first lady hairdo she was wearing.

I’m just kidding.  It was absolutely thrilling to watch Jessica give it to Brody about knowing something was going on.  She knows something is up, but she really has no idea what it is.  Is it an affair? Is it related to the Islam thing?  Not only is she questioning, but she's taking a stand about it.  Either stop lying or you're out on your own Brody!  Jess means business!

"State of Independence" was another great episode to start Homeland's second season.  What did you all think of the hour?  What was your favorite moment?  What do you think Saul and Carrie will do with their new information?  And how long before Brody's staying at a hotel?


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This is ALL TOO SOON! It's too soon. "HOMELAND" hasn't even reached the mid point of Season 2 and he's exposed as a sleeper agent already? And why isn't anyone complaining about this?


So no one will mention the best line of the episode? "She is quite the Hostess (whore-tess)." Brody's delivery and tone coupled with the expression of seeing his wife with his best friend/ex-lover was perfect.


I think the show is fast paced from ep to ep, because the turn of events are usually jaw-dropping. S2 started with Carrie on the outside, then her help was commissioned, and now it's revealed she was right all along. It seems that from next week she'll be back working for the CIA--it's another fast devt. However, Ep3 itself is weaker than S1 eps. It had implausible story lines, weak/too long, perhaps unnecessary scenes. Besides Saul successfully bringing back the video, Brody snapping the guy's neck off, and Carrie seeing the video, the other scenes were a bit blah.


Great show, but one cavil: Clare Danes chews the scenery to the point that it is painful to watch. She rolls and pops her eyes so frequently that the intended (?)effect becomes increasingly attenuated. This over the top acting distracts from the otherwise first rate performances of the other cast members. Yes, yes- I know- her character is bipolar- but Danes bludgeons the viewer with that. Get a grip, Clare!


The show certainly keeps the adrenaline going, but, as others have pointed out, Brody is far too high profile to be used to pick up the tailor. What is more, wouldn't he have a security detail already, or a tail from the FBI?
And where does it go from here if Carrie's suspicions have been confirmed.
I guess it might surprise us yet.


I hate to say this, but with the ridiculous tailor scenes, telephone call with Lucy-Desi explanation, the show has "jumped the shark." If it wants to stay relevant, Brody has to avoid being in such unbelievable scenes.


I'll continue with my comment, which was cut off..... Brody's wife, with her candid admission that at times she feels she hardly knows Brody, in her impromptu speech at the fundraiser, undercuts somwhat her exhibition of retro wifely support. The episode's generally fast pace was slowed for the touching scenes during which Carrie contemplates suicide. Fortunately, she is a survivor, as is Jess, who has more in her than the facade of a "political wife."


Brody was told that he was the only one the tailor knew, or would trust. (This seems a bit implausible, perhaps.) Brody knew that if the tailor were found by US intelligent operatives, his own part in the failed bombing plot might be revealed. Therefore, he took what he thought would be an easy assignment of driving the tailor to the safehouse, only to become mired in the mud and blood, the dirt covering him an apt metaphor for his entire siutation..... and he learns, much like Lady Macbeth, that no amount of water, in his case showering down on him in the carwash, can cleanse him of not only his victim's blood, but of the whole dirty sham of his lying existence. However, let us remember that the tailor hit Brody on the head with a rock... the two desperate men shared a touching moment, thinking of their daughters.... as they struggled madly in the primal dirt. Meanwhile, Brody's wife is dressed up in retro public-man's wife style, on display, Exhibit A for Brody's "normalcy," a facade she undercuts with some of her candid remarks in her impromptu speech. The episode's fast pace was slowed touchingly in the scenes in which Carrie sinks into suicidal thoughts... luckily, she is a survivor.


This is a bit sidetracked from the review; I will make an opinion about the writers and producers taking liberties with the character, Brody. I get everyone’s concern over the writing of Brody’s character, thinking back, it was a stretch with the cell phone in the War Room, the explosion that did not occur when Brody “flicked� the switch, and the excruciating limits that his character endured during the time spent in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and a tailor. I believe the writers are trying to make the scene relatable; we have all been there…Murphy’s Law events. And as the reviewer reminded us often, Brody is congressmen after all and a bid as possible VP candidate for the man he attempted to Kill, and others. That is television. Maybe it is Karma, after all Brody is a terrorist on a mission and he DID attempt to flick the switch.


I know this is tv, but, Carrie's ID card still works, Brody takes a guy and doesn't secure him so he is free to move about and at the least opportune moment decides to flee. Does anyone even like these people let alone care about them? Don't understand the rave reviews.........

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