Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Pic: Aloha!

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Will Peggy return to Mad Men? Will Don cheat on Megan?

A number of questions surround Season 6 of this AMC drama, but we never thought we'd be asking this about the spring premiere: Will Don and Megan remember to pack sun screen?

In our first look at the upcoming season opener, we see the married duo on a vacation in Hawaii. What might it mean, aside from chatter over this couple's divorce is clearly premature?

Your guess is as good as ours. So leave it in the Comments below and appreciate the change of setting for the show now:

Mad Men Season 6 Photo

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They may not be divorced but Don sure doesn't look all that elated. Its kind of weird that Don is so upset and alienated by Megan choosing to have a career. He's always been attracted to women who are successful. He fell in love with Betty at the height of her modelling career, Midge was a talented artist, Rachel Menken was a bad ass business mogul (Rachel was my favorite and I miss her, damn you Sons of Anarchy), and Faye was a very smart psychologist. He also mentored Peggy. Seems weird that he'd all of the sudden have issue with his wife working.

Ava mila

Why oh why is Megan still there..

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Roger: How about a little dignity?
Ken: You're firing me!
Roger: Yes, but you're going to get a generous severance package if you help Pete secure all of your accounts. Including DOW.