Megan Boone Cast on Blue Bloods, Jennifer Esposito Accuses CBS of Racism

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Things are turning very ugly very quickly between Jennifer Esposito and CBS.

As previously reported, the actress was let go by Blue Bloods earlier this week in a move she referred to as "shameful" because she claims she simply asked for a temporary leave in order to deal with a medical situation.

In her place as Danny's partner, Megan Ketch will come on board as a temporary replacement, while Deadline now confirms Megan Boone has been cast in the same role for an upcoming three episode arc. The actress has an option to become a series regular.

M. Boone

In response to Boone's casting, Esposito took to Twitter and lashed out.

“There it is. CBS got rid of the only minority cast member so they can have an ALL WHITE CAST like CSI,” she wrote.

Blue Bloods airs a new episode tonight.

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So funny to read these posts 2 years later. Sill one of the top rated shows... long after Jennifer is forgotten. By the way, what race did she think the mayor was?!

@ Steve Ayers

Yeah, her "all-white" thing was a bit over the line. I do think CBS mishandled things with her, though. There are enough characters sharing the screen time that I'm sure they could've at least tried to work with her limited availability. I still miss her on the show. Danny's current partner(Baez?) just isn't that interesting. The one I really liked was the one who filled in right after Jennifer left, the former IA cop played by Megan Ketch. She brought a different energy to the partnership that was fun.


Was Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito) Reagan's partner from the beginning? I thought he had a different one for the first few episodes but I couldn't find the name in the credits list. He does seem to go through partners pretty quickly.


In the last episode, the Commissioner said goodnight to Baker but called her Abigail. However, her Blue-Blood name is Melissa. her real name is Abigail Hawk which makes me wonder if it was a nice way to say goodbye because she is leaving the series?


Big mistake taking Jennifer Esposito off the show as Danny's partner. She was 'real' and fit the character perfectly. All the replacements have been poor choices. Bring back Jennifer.


I think the job Jennifer Esposito did was excellent. She was fit for the job. The two girls you have doing the job now just doesn't fit in with the show. I guess no matter what the fans wants doesn't matter.


Bring Jennifer back...others cannot act, Tom and family dynamics are the show...we can wait forJennifer...that is what families each other..


I want Jennifer Esposito back. No one compares with her character.


Megan Boone makes a terrific partner to replace Jennifer Esposito who I thought also played Danny's partner very well.


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Shape up, CBS! It's time to get Jennifer Esposito back, on Blue Bloods