New Grey's Anatomy Promo: Lightening It Up

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A new, shortened promo for tonight's Grey's Anatomy has been released, and it's a sexy one!

When life gets heavy, there's only one way for this group of doctors to lighten things up ...

If you know what we mean! Watch the teaser for "Love the One You're With" now:

For four scenes from this evening's episode, check out our Grey's Anatomy videos page, then check back later tonight for our official review of the third installment of Season 9. Looks like a good one!

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The way I see it they're scrimping on the costs for promoting Grey's to make up for the raises they gave PD, EP, SO and the others. They have a limited budget so they do the minimum promotion. They have to keep Grey's alive for Scandal, which will be tested tonight. It's on the verge if falling below 2.0 in the demo. Grey's won't last forever. ABC needs another drama hit and they're banking on Scandal.


@Jarrod Its the ABC vision to keep their cash cow healthy .. more promotion leads to more viewers and Grey's with a huge fan following already along with the effect of promotion brings in more revenue rather than spending that much amount/airtime promoting shows that won't result similarly. I know i drifted into advertising technical stuff but that's what it is :)


Loved the title of the episode! Its a great song by crosby nash and stills!!


they call this a promo?


Mer's wearing her ill at the boards PJs, sorry pyjamas.


@R: But that's my point. Why not promote shows that need it instead of shows that get way too much?


@ Jarrod Mitchell: maybe because Grey's Anatomy remains to be one of the highest rated shows in audience and demo - DUH!!


I don't know why ABC continues to promote this show. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it honestly gets too much.

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