Psych Season 7: First Promo! New Snacks!

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You've been very patient, Psych fans. You've waited a very long time for Season 7 to premiere. And now?

You need to wait even longer!

So USA unfortunately teases in the first promo for new episodes, which don't kick off until February 27. That's the bad news. The good news? Hey, there will be new snacks on the new season!

Watch the trailer now and look forward to upcoming appearances by Parminder Nagra, Jeffrey Tambor, Garcelle Beauvais, along with the return of Ally Sheedy.

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I'm ready to find more pineapples glad to see Corbin in promo show wouldn't be the same withouthim


I saw Shawn's dad though! That's good, right? =) Why are we having to wait so freaking long?!?


Not for another four months? That's not right, especially with the cliff hanger. It was originally supposed to be in October, now I feel like I've been lied to by network execs. Don't know what's going on at USA, but that isn't a good decision.


That's a too long of a wait


I've missed those crazy guys soooooooo much. I had to replay the promo a few times and it only made me jones for more. Why so long between seasons. Last year we were enjoying their weekly antics already. Bring them on.


no psych until february 27th? That's over 4 months!!! what have i done to deserve this awful punishment?!?
i miss the shawn-gus-lassi-jules team!!

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Psych Quotes

My BABY!!!!


I'm so proud of you man!

Shawn[ to Cal]