Sons of Anarchy Preview: Rats at the Table

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It all came crashing down on Sons of Anarchy last night, as Gemma flipped her SUV with her grandchildren inside; Clay's plans for the Presidency went awry; and Jax exchanged gunfire with rival gang members on the highway.

With alliances stretched thin and multiple rats at the SAMCRO table - as described by Eli in the following FX teaser - where will things go from here?

Downhill. Quickly. Watch Jax confront both Pope and Roosevelt and then try to take a guess where this season is headed. Will Clay survive it? Will the club get out of the drug trade? Will Tig ever find peace?

Behold the latest episode promo:

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Omg!! If they killed Abel I don't know if I can keep wAtching!

Jaxs girl

@ Chili, I was surprised that next week's preview didn't mention anything about the wreck. Surely they know by then.


'Give him to me and I'll give you the rat at your table.' Haha! That sentence has a nice ring to it. Dammit why doesn't this trailer give any insight on what happened to Abel! Except for the title of the episode which doesn't really say much.
I can't wait.

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