Switched at Birth Review: Coming Clean

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My apologies if my review title is reminding anyone else of the Laguna Beach theme song, but it seemed like the perfect theme for this week's Switched at Birth

"The Declaration of Independence" was all about revealing the truth.

Whether it was Bay deciding to stop lying to her parents or Daphne confessing her feelings to Chef, everyone had something to come clean about.

Zarra & Bay Search For a Vandal

I was wondering when Daphne was going to find out about Chef and Melody's hook up. Is it me or is Bay the worst secret keeper on this show? Maybe Emmett knew that when he decided to confide in her about his mom and Chef hooking up. It doesn't matter if it's "just a simple crush," you should always just tell the truth. You can never know how serious someone else's feelings are.

Daphne obviously liked Chef a lot more than she expressed. She was giving Melody that cold death stare. Let's be real, Chef isn't age appropriate for either of them, least of all Daphne! At least him hooking up with Melody is legal! It sucks to find out that somebody else got with your crush, but to find out it was your best friend's parent must be beyond weird. 

What would you have done in Emmett's situation? Or Daphne's? I must say that I'm pissed at Daphne for using Travis like that and leading him on. I feel really bad for Travis. it must be really hard to have nobody at home to talk to. Then the girl he likes just ditches him when they make plans. I'm glad John is taking him under his wing. Toby is totally adrift this season with his best friend gone and still hurt from his ex girlfriend. He needs to figure things out for himself and reboot.

I guess this Bay and street art story is here to stay. Is Bay being stupid or true to herself? Maybe a mix or somewhere in between? Fighting with that Swak kid was a bad and dangerous idea. Bay should also stop giving Emmett hope. She asks to borrow his super expensive camera and then is like "oh by the way, this means nothing, I'm still pissed as hell." I'm starting to feel bad for Emmett, even though what he did was really wrong. 

I also pity Regina feeling like she isn't communicating with Daphne the way she used to, and not just due to her wrist. She lashed out at Katherine but they ended up bonding and relating to each other.

What did you think about all the revelations this week? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out the Switched at Birth quotes section! 


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I'm ruting for Daphne and Jeff as well, they are nice couple and they both single so i don't see the problem. I don't like Travis, if he likes Daphne just said so instead of keep hating Daphne's guys (remember when Daphne still with Wilke?). I hate people like Travis, who is a coward, who's hating every single people who ended up with someone they love and try to keep delusional love that not even exist. What is Travis gonna do hating everyone who's hooking up with Daphne? oh yeah keep ruining Daphne dates. I love Bay and Emmett, he's not afraid to make a move on Bay the first time he likes her and he's not even have to hate Ty to get Bay.


You all know that Daphne is jail bait. Chef Jeff should be thrown in jail for what he's doing. He knows better, and so does she.Bay is a spoiled brat. She stole money, which from the amt stolen is a felony. What's up with that!! stealing money from her Dad's safe? can't wait for the outcome.She has got to pay the consequences for that stupid stunt.


I reconize the actor that plays the chef. Justin Brueing was on All my children. I seen him on that show and I have say he isnt a surious actor he is to dull and has no emontion. Almost like he's a robot.


Im kidda ruting for Daphne & Chef Jeff they could make a nice couple. I just hope Meldoy and Daphne dont get into a catfight. That want look pretty.


I cant stand Bay she is the biggest brat ever. She sould sould be luckey god blessed her with two loving parents ( John & Katyran) and shes still ungreatful. She needs to relize that john is still her father not anglo. As for daphne (another brat) needs to give Anglo a change he didnt know he had the wrong daugeter. She sould blame Regina for everthing. I think the real reason Regina didnt tell anyone about the swich because she got atteced to Daphne and didnt want to give her away. She just said screw Bay its almost like she abandent her on child shes no diffent than Anglo.

Leigh r

Regarding the age of consent- as everyone has been posting, it is different for every state. i'm from NY so I only know what is legal here. The issue for me isn't really what is "legal" or not. If a guy is old enough to be banging your friends mom, you probably shouldn't get with him. It's just off.


Kudos to J&K for finally doing more signing! I'm loving that John has found a buddy to mentor. He's seemed so..."deflated" since the season started...his doubles record was taken from him, his family life has been shaken, and now he has to share fathering responsibilities with Angelo. He's been taking it all on the chin pretty well considering. Travis is the perfect person to fill that void of hopelessness he's been feeling. Now that Kathryn's improved, I wonder if Regina feels like she's being replaced? She wasn't even that phased finding out about Bay's street art activities.


Daphne knew it was wrong to pursue an older man but jumped at it regardless if he was having a fling with Melody. Her remark to Regina about not being able to hear her because her lips were moving too fast and then walking away took me aback. But I suppose when you're desperate and longing for affection, it's a natural reaction. Bay is deciding to "come out of the closet" about her street art despite numerous warnings from her family. I hope she doesn't really consider going through with moving into a place with Zarra. I kind of feel sorry for the girl but after hearing her story, even Bay kind of realized how good she has it (in terms of parents who care about her). But Bay being Bay will ignore that and continue to overstep boundaries. She'll just have to learn the hard way, as usual :)


John and Travis were so great to watch, I'm hoping for more of that. I know a guy a lot like Travis. He was my friend and was always there for me, always ready to be a great guy. He's now my boyfriend, it took me a year to realize that this friend was always there for me, but I'm glad I did. So I'm hoping Daphne realizes it too. (yes, I know this is a tv show. But being invested in the characters is a sign of a good one) P.S Awesome to see Toby with a non-Simone related storyline


As for Bay, I understand where she's coming from. I'm the only artist in my family full of blue collared workers and susie homemakers. It's tough trying to be understood and you can go to some serious lengths to feel like you belong. Which is exactly what's happening. Regina may be the only one who can through to her as not only her bio mother but as a fellow artist and someone who knows that criminal behavior only ends badly. As for the Emmett thing, Emmett CHEATED on her and then lied about it. Bay borrowed a camera and is confused on how to react to his lovey, dovey gaze. I think we can cut her some slack considering the scenario.

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Wait, wait, your mom and the guy that Daphne has a crush on are hooking up?


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