Switched at Birth Review: She'll Be Fine

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Well, if one thing can be said about "Street Noises Invade the House," it's this: did ANYone see that coming?!? The show managed to wrap up quite a bit in the mid season finale, so let's jump right in.

Right after Daphne got a new prescription to birth control pills, the owner of the restaurant pulled her aside to ask about her inappropriate relationship with Chef Jeff. Awkward! Seriously, it's about time someone other than me thinks adults dating high school girls is in bad taste, not to mention the power aspect to it.

As her boss (or teacher, as is all the rage on other ABC Family shows.. I'm looking at you Pretty Little Liars), Jeff had a responsibility to ensure she understood firmly where he was coming from. Factor in her age, and how easily teenage girls melt into romantic love, and there was all kinds of trouble brewing. No matter how wrong it was to begin with, it wasn't pretty when it ended. Seeing Daphne hurt from unrequited love was heart wrenching. 

The good news is we can look forward to her finding a boy more age appropriate who she won't have to hide from her friends and family. It's time for these girls to come clean, enjoy their dalliances and not worry about them all the time. 

Will Jeff & Daphne Survive?

Another, and far more welcome, ending was the Zarra friendship. Not only was she a user, but she was too old for Bay. She pretended to be wise and carefree, but she really had no idea what the hell she was doing. It's bad enough that Bay has a hobby that is, frankly, a criminal activity disguised as art, but when you added to it the devil may care attitude of Zarra and her eagerness to spend Bay's money it spelled and was a disaster.

When John and Emmett hit the road to hunt down Bay and Zarra on their way to Mexico, I was a little worried about the results. No need. Emmett had Bay's back and by the time they found her, John knew exactly what she needed. I loved their conversation and how John played it low key, realizing he had no idea how they would address their future. He doesn't want her being a tagger, but he doesn't want to stifle her creativity or her voice, either. 

I have a feeling he will somehow lend his business to her as a place to showcase her talents, much like he tried to do with Toby and his music during the car wash earlier this season. John needs to come to terms with what Bay does as art, and then use his business acumen to find the best way to blend it into his car business. They have to find something together so she stays in the clear and he stays connected to his girl.

The best thing about Bay's little trip to Mexico was it brought Emmet back to her, and she seemed receptive to his advances. They didn't quite get to the kiss, but when he said he would always go after her, my heart leapt! It's been wrong with them apart. She was fighting everything and everyone. Bay needs an anchor like Emmett in her life, as he does her. I can't wait for the season to resume so they can start making their way back together again.

That leaves us with the trial. Kathryn was put on the spot while testifying. How could she say if she were in a parallel universe and could do it all again she'd wish the switch never happened? To lose Bay forever would be taking a piece of her heart away. She made the right call, but the jury held it against her and John. They won the trial, and were awarded $1 in damages.

Angelo, meanwhile, also won. He was awarded $5 million in damages. Unlike real life, I expect soon after the break he'll have his money and life will be much different for him and Regina. As Toby pointed out, they are married, so half of that is hers. Whether it will bring them closer together, drive them farther apart, make him run or incline him to stay is a crap shoot at this point. But if the unknown woman who walked into the courtroom at the end of the trail was who they made it seem she would be, another dalliance ending in a pregnancy, there will be even more entanglements to deal with come January.

All four parents having money will level the playing field, bringing a completely new dimension to the family dynamic for Bay and Daphne. It could take away the edge John had in arguments when he used the line Bay hated so much, "This is my house and that's my house!" It will be really interesting to see what money does to them. So often it creates more problems than it solves, and with the strong personalities we have on Switched at Birth money could change things for the worse. 

What was your favorite ending? John leaving? The trial? Zarra taking off? What's the best new beginning for January? Dealing with the money? Finding out who the mysterious woman is? Working together so Bay can do her art? Or Bay and Emmett getting back together? Sound off in the comments then come on back in January when it all starts again!


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I dont know why people thinks age diff matters when it come to love......... As for me,i love seeing jeff and daphne together, I love the chemistry, the way they relate etc. Thats why i love jewel song.... "if u love somebody u better let it out....." i love daphne,she's not timid or trying to figure out her feelin for jeff even when he tried to break up with her. Go girl,i love ur courage!


I love this show. I can not wait till it comes back in in two janruary. So excited. I think that Jeff is too old for Daphane and that he is a creep. I do think hes very atractive though.


Weslee hancock yes Chef Jeff sould be charged with satutory rape.


Bay is a brat! If I vandlized my father's car washwash, stole money from his safe and then run away from home twice! I would poropery be in a wheelchair. Bay despartley needs a good arsewhooping!!!


I really liked the John & Bay scenes. I liked when he told Bratty Bay" this my house that is my house". My favorte scene was when Anglo punched Chef Jeff. Its was good to see Anglo being to father to bratty Daphne.


am i the only person who thinks chef jeff should be in jail ?


I liked the episode and as for Kathryn I liked her answer she thought Bay was her baby and she raised her since she was a baby of course she's loves Bay like Ragina loves Daphne and would never give all those years she had with her so Kathryn wouldn't give up the years she had with Bay. Am sure she wonders what might have been with Daphne as well as Ragina with Bay. Chef Jeff what he did was WRONG poor Daphne thought she was going to be with him and all he wanted is a fling she is the teen of course she thought it be more yeah he felt bad but he should have never gone there with her in the first place. Bay all she wanted is someone to find her and her father to understand her Emmett was sweet I always find you. Zarrah is nothing but a user


I did not like Kathryn's response. Sure, now she loves Bay, but if the switch had never happened, she would not know or love Bay and instead would know HER OWN daughter. They are trying to be politically correct because if that were me, of course I would want my own kid more than the kid I raised by mistake. I no longer like this show. Bay is a brat, and the parents seem afraid of her, I hope this show either ends or starts a more realistic plot.


Favorite part was Emmett and Bay at the end I will always find you was so sweet. I do hope we get to see them back together or a lease have more screen time together I miss them. Glad that Bays dad finally understanding her a little more with the painting. It was so touching to see them hugging. I cant believe we have to wait mouths to get more episodes it was too long.


Ok, so there was a lot of great stuff here tonight, but what took the cake for me was Angelo's reaction to Daphne and Jeff. From when he storms out of the house saying he's going to "go talk to this man who thinks he can take advantage of high school girls" to when he says "I'm Daphne's father" and punches Jeff, it was a FANTASTIC sequence. Not only did Jeff, frankly, need to be punched, but I loved seeing that, as much as he hesitantly dances around her trying to fix things between them, he really REALLY loves Daphne. For the first time, I felt like he was completely 100% her father.

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