The Good Wife Spoilers: Who's Ahead?

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Forget what's ahead on The Good Wife for a moment. Let's focus on who's ahead.

A drama known for taking on impressive guest stars, viewers can expect the return of one character over the coming weeks, along with the debut of a Tony winner.

FIRST, Mike Colter returns as Lamond Bishop on the October 28 installment, "Waiting for the Knock." Look for the drug dealer to require Alicia's help in order to avoid prosecution, as teased in this episode still:

Return of Lemond Bishop

THEN, on November 4, Brian Dennehy will portray an attorney who defends a civilian contractor against charges of rape brought on by an Army captain played by Amanda Peet. Take a look now as both of these big names in action:

Brian Dennehy as Bucky Stabler
In Defense of Amanda Peet

FINALLY, on November 11, Christina Ricci stops by as a Sarah Silverman-esque comic being sued by a television network for indecency. She'll turn to Cary and company for legal assistance:

Christina Ricci as Therese Dodd

About whom are you most excited? Click through the above photos now and check out the CBS promo for this Sunday's "Two Girls, One Code."

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Christina Ricci. Mostly because this case MIRACULOUSLY involves Cary.


I'm with @Sa'ad702; Bring me some Cristina Ricci and Amanda Peet!


Wait. Is Cary still able to practicing? Because he has just served like office furniture for the last 5 months...please, give me season 2 Cary back. I mean the badass lawyer with ethics (minus the grundge against Alicia).


You didn't mention him and I wondered if Michael J Fox is going to be a guest star this season?


Christina Ricci and Amanda Peet.
What I'm MOST looking forward to is another showdown between Loius Canning and Patty Nyholme where Lockhart Gardiner actually come out on top. And by that I don't mean they win the battle and loose the war. I mean that they need to mow them down. Seriously what are the kings thinking? After the year that L/G had they need some wins!!!

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