The Secret Life Of The American Teenager to Conclude After Season 5

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ABC Family has pulled the plug on The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, effective in mid-2013.

The network announced yesterday that the long-running, popular/cheesy drama will conclude following its fifth season, which kicks off in March.

Amy Envies Ricky

The Secret Life of The American Teenager premiered in 2008 and established ABC Family as a player in the cable network game. It's responsible for the impressive slate of programming across that network today, which includes such breakouts as Pretty Little Liars and Bunheads.

Will you miss Shailene Woodley and company after these final 12 episodes are over?

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I really really hope they don't distroy the show by having Amy end up with Ben I think he is so annorying RICKY AND AMY FOREVER I like how they have had their issue of course but it shows the truth what they would go through and they always make it out together PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no Ben I don't see why he should get his way after we had to hear him complain for 5 years he can't be with AMY


This was a cheesy drama but the storylines were getting really good. I resepect their decision.


Its fuckin stupid to cancel secret-teen...their just now starting to grow up and make the show more mature but interesting


::::::::::::::::::::((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( IM F*CKING CRYING!!!!


It's time to kill it. This past season was hard to watch with how horrible the writing got...


I'm exciting for Shailene Woodley to move on from this show. Frankly after seeing her amazing performance in The Decendents I think she needs to move on to bigger and better roles. I hope she continues on to have a successful film career.


Finnaly! The show lost the track, sometimes it was so unrealistic that hurts! I love the show, but it really needs to end.


I don't like endings which they did Kyle XY.I hope they tie up everything at the end.

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